Beat the Streak Report: Aug. 25



Today’s Recommended Picks

Vladimir Guerrero

  • .414 AVG (12-for-29) since ’04 vs. Tigers starter Jarrod Washburn

Kurt Suzuki

  • .538 AVG (7-for-13) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Ryan Rowland-Smith

Hunter Pence

  • .391 AVG (9-for-23) lifetime vs. Cardinals starter Adam Wainwright


BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56


Yesterday’s results

The three fans at the top of the BTS standings were aligned in their thinking Monday, as buhtter, diamondmike and jagzrule each went with Ichiro. However, since baseball’s single-season hit king was scratched from the lineup with a sore calf muscle, all three competitors held onto their 34-game streaks. 
The same went for thatsawinner, whose streak remained at 33 games after picking Ichiro. 
Heading into Tuesday’s action, thatsawinner stands alone in second place as rbier2000 saw his run come to an end in unlucky fashion when Carl Crawford exited Monday’s game vs. the Blue Jays after two hitless at-bats in the third inning.



Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players


1. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 23.1%, 0-for-0            
2. Joe Mauer (MIN): 8.1%, 0-for-4                  
3. Carlos Guillen (DET): 5.1%, 2-for-4             
4. Vladimir Guerrero (LAA): 4.3%, 1-for-4           
5. Shin-Soo Choo (CLE): 4.3%, 3-for-5              




  1. dragbunt104

    lcfrancisco – Carl Crawford 1-4 v. Cecil of Jays. Cecil is a lefty and Crawford is a lefty. I hate lefty – lefty matchups.
    Cecil has been hittable recently – Crawford 0 – 2 last night and previous games has been getting one hit per night which is all you really need.
    I’m going with Hanley Ramirez – Figueroa of NYMets looks very hittable with big ERA in August is 7.00. Righties are hitting .379 against him. Righties are batting .375 against him.
    Ramirez is hitting .381 v. righties and .432 during month of August. Ramirez and FLA had no game on Monday, on Sunday Ramirez had 3 hits. This is a home game for Marlins too.
    Good Luck!

  2. lcfrancisco

    dragbunt, funny you say that because after I posted my last comment I decided to change my pick from Crawford to Hanley Ramirez. Looks like great minds think alike! Good luck to us both…go Hanley!

  3. vinny1979

    I also went with Hanley tonight as he is red hot right now and I believe he is still on his hitting streak. I have to check.

  4. dragbunt104

    lcfanscisco – Let’s keep in touch on the comment board.
    These are the kinds of posts that make thing interesting and helpful for everyone. I always post only the guy who I picked.

  5. dragbunt104

    vinny1979 and lcfrancisco – Time to put our thoughts together for a Wed. Pick.
    FIRST – A big tip of my Cub cap to the “King” for now listing by each pitcher of the day’s stats the fact that he throws right or left. Nice to have this info.
    Derek Jeter – 4 – 4 v. Holland(L) TX at TX
    Miguel Cabrera – hitting .541 during his hit streak – 3 -8 v. Saunders(L) LAA at LA
    Joe Mauer – 1-3 v. Guthrie(R) Orioles at MN
    Tori Hunter – LAA v. Edwin Jackson – Jackson is too tough to take Hunter here who is on a 10 game hit streak and batting .378
    Michael Young – .278 v. Pettit(L) – on a 11 game hit streak, batting .444 – game is at TX
    Aaron Hill v. Kazmir(L) TB – He is 10 – 30 v. Kazmir – thats alot of at bats – he is on a 9 game hit streak but is batting .316 within the streak.
    I’m leaning toward Jeter………
    Please weigh in with your thoughts.

  6. dragbunt104

    Wed. 8/26
    TX v. NYY is in New York
    This is making Jeter look better for me – What do you think guys?

  7. ohwow

    For anyone who picked Crawford today, he is not in the starting lineup. He went 0-for-2 last night before leaving the game with back stiffness. If you’re reading this, you might still have time to change your pick.

    Going with Jason Bartlett (.343) today, who is leading off for the Rays and is a righty hitter going against lefty Brett Cecil (.296 BAA).

  8. lcfrancisco

    I’m going with Figgins for Wednesday against Edwin Jackson. I’m an Angels fan and Figgy is the recommended Burger King pick so all the starts seem aligned.

  9. lcfrancisco

    Here’s a strategy I’ve been thinking about but haven’t really considered using yet. Tell me what you think. Picking a top-of-the-order hitter for the visiting team. This ensures the maximum number of at-bats since if the home team has the lead then they don’t bat in the bottom of the 9th. The visiting team always bats in the 9th, regardless if they’re winning or losing.


    King’s peaks are totally useless as usual. Why would you pick Pence who is in a major rut?

    I was surprised to see how Hanley wasn’t the top pick today. This is freebie as it gets for BTS. Absolutely dreadful pitcher against hottest hitter who happens to kill righties. Right up there with Ichie during the day.

    How the hell did many people get to first 2 pages of the leader’s board not doing any research as to Ichie won’t be in the line-up tonight? The manager said Ichie won’t be back until Wednesday. Ichie not being in the line-up yesterday should have raised red flags.

  11. dragbunt104

    lcfrancisco – Your thought process is very logical with picking a visiting team top of the order hitter. The home hitters can bat once less — but —- they are at home and it usually is true that hitters hit better at home than on the road. So you have the ying and yang of the situation. I consider this a “push” you could go either way here. Some players do hit better on the road than at home though! The home teams bats in bottom of 9th if they are tied or behind.
    Don’t you like this game for all of this stuff!
    Hanley got his hit – btsplayer – thanks for your input too.
    Jason Bartlett – 2 – 3 already tonight – great advice from ohwow. Bartlett is a guy to watch for all of us.

  12. dragbunt104

    I’m going with Derek Jeter for Wed 8/26 – Holland(L) for TX has been doing well lately —-but—-Jeter is 4 for 4 against him and is batting .379 in August. Also, Jeter is hitting .434 v. lefties and the game is in NY. I was considering Joe Mauer too.
    Here we go again! In HR BTS Game – You can not pick a pitcher as a HR hitter – Cubs “slugging” pitcher Carlos Zambrano hit another HR tonight. His 4th of the season. I took Derek Lee of Cubs in HR BTS game and he is 0 – 2 so far. When your HR streak is at zero why not take a wild shot and pick a guy like Zambrano – come on “King” give us pitchers to pick from too.

  13. dragbunt104

    Migeul Cabrera is on fire – going with him and not Jeter – Holland(L) of TX has been doing very well this month.
    My new theory is to stay away from hot hitter v. hot pitcher.
    good luck today!

  14. peteryanidis

    The 5 hitters that I’m considering today are Jeter, LaRoche of the Braves, Pedroia, Markakis, and Braun. I’m going with Jeter to get me to 12.

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