Beat the Streak Report: Weekend, April 9-11



Friday’s recommended picks

Ryan Braun, OF, Brewers
.400 AVG (6-for-15) lifetime vs. Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse

Michael Cuddyer, OF, Twins
.533 AVG (16-for-30) lifetime vs. White Sox starter John Danks

Josh Willingham, OF, Nationals
.412 AVG (7-for-17) lifetime vs. Mets starter Mike Pelfrey

Saturday’s recommended picks

Ichiro Suzuki, OF, Mariners
.444 AVG (4-for-9) lifetime vs. Rangers starter Matt Harrison

Ryan Zimmerman, 3B, Nationals
.350 AVG (7-for-20) lifetime vs. Mets starter Oliver Perez

Jeff Francoeur, OF, Mets
.500 AVG (11-for-22) lifetime vs. Nationals starter John Lannan

Sunday’s recommended picks

Edgar Renteria, SS, Giants
.727 AVG (8-for-11) in ’10

Carlos Gonzalez, OF, Rockies
.636 AVG (7-for-11) lifetime vs. Padres starter Jon Garland

Robinson Cano, 2B, Yankees
.478 AVG (11-for-23) lifetime vs. Rays starter James Shields

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

It was the first rough day of the season for BTS users, who saw the usual safe picks come up short and the numbers turned upside down by surprisingly effective pitching.

The Top 2 picks of the day — Albert Pujols and Ichiro Suzuki — went a combined 0-for-7, knocking a huge contingent from the top of the leaderboard. And Johnny Damon, who entered the day with six hits in eight at-bats against Royals starter Brian Bannister, went 0-for-4 to thwart the fans who thought they were going with a sure thing.

It’s all part of Beat the Streak and baseball in general, as tricky hops and well-positioned defenders can make life tough for a hitter on any given day. Perhaps better luck will come from the weekend’s slate of action.

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Albert Pujols (STL): 13.3%, 0-for-3
2. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 10.6%, 0-for-4
3. Joe Mauer (MIN): 9.1%, 2-for-4
4. Johnny Damon (DET): 9.0%, 0-for-4
5. Chase Utley (PHI): 4.8%, 2-for-5


  1. schenk015

    taking damon to get my streak to 6 today. hes gone 0-9 the last 2 games so he is due for a hit and this is his 1st home game with the tigers so i expect him to be pumped up and ready to impress the home fans

  2. darwri

    Yes yesterday definitely wasn’t a good day for BTS users. In the group that I’m in of 9 people, 8 of us lost our streaks and 1 of us chose a guy that didn’t play. So none of us had streaks continue yesterday, I shouldnt of said yesterday that this game is so tough. But it really is, today I’m going with either Damon, Ichiro or sir Vernon Wells who is hitting everything right now. Good luck to all.


    Matt Kemp came thru big time for me yesterday with a 2-4 outing!

    Stay away from the big guns and as much as people pick Mauer, Ichiro and a few others, they don’t get hits everyday.

  4. box86rowh

    Seems like the Tigers are primed and ready for a good offensive showing today. The pitcher they are facing gives up a lot of hits historically and M. Cabrera (my pick) as well as Maggs have been killing the ball. Should be a fun one to watch.


    Looking for Detroit to have a big day (and weekend) against the Indians at home. Playing with 2 accounts and selected Austin Jackson and Carlos Guillen


    Mauer killed it yesterday, didn’t keep me hanging like Miggy the day before. Maybe Wells today, is it his day to drop off?

  7. dragbunt104

    Tip of the day:
    Are we leaning on Ichirio too much? He turned 36 in the off season. Plays in a day game yesterday after playing in a night game on Wed. and goes 0-4 against a pitcher, Anderson, who he was 6 for 9 against in the past.
    His 36 year old legs and bat may need to rest more.
    Vinny1979 – Taking Cubs Derek Lee is a bold move today.
    I hope he goes 4 -5 with 2HR!
    Nice to see the posts about players being selected today.
    I’m “leaning” on Ichirio today.

  8. champion_88

    “Looking for Detroit to have a big day (and weekend) against the Indians at home. Playing with 2 accounts and selected Austin Jackson and Carlos Guillen”

    Imagine if you played with enough accounts to pick every Tigers’ starter and then David Huff threw a no-hitter?


    JRo for the Wizz today. Rollins has been on fire so far this season, and looking at Houston pitching, I have a hard time believing JRo won’t get at leave five at bats. The Phillies line up is so stacked, they’re going to murder NL pitching this year. I expect alot more Phillies to get picked this season, purely for this reason. Not to mention the Houston ‘pen has been overworked recently.

    On Sunday, the Phillies face Oswalt. Normally, I’d be a bit reserved going up against a good pitcher. But look at Ryno’s numbers. Trying to throw that fastball by him is like throwing raw meat by a tiger.

    Mauer worked well for me yesterday.

    -the wizz


    Good horse players know the only thing a losing horse is due for is another loss.

  11. dragbunt104

    pperkins – Great Horse Racing reference – RE: Johnny Damon today.
    I’m calling you out on two accounts:
    Challenge #1 – Let us know who you are taking in BTS on Saturday.
    Challenge #2 – I’m asking your permission:
    Can I join the Levi Ghetto Cats BTS Group?
    I’m a Cub fan from Chicago.
    Are there any “dues” for this group or season ending side bets. I like the name as it sound like a Rockin’ Blues Group from Arkansas!

  12. dragbunt104

    backrubs – Great idea – would you be able to set up the group and we could all join?
    Vinny1979, my NYY friend – Derek Lee singled in the first inning in Cincinnati tonight. Keep making those great picks.


    Dragbunt, speaking for myself and the other three Levi Ghetto Cats, we are honored by your request to join our highly competitive league. However, our rule from the outset has been that all members must be on a first-name basis with the other members and must have met the three original Levy Ghetto Cats, Pam, Samantha, and Jo. They’re real cats, and live at my address here in the North Little Rock, Arkansas, neighborhood of Levy (one of our players, Hambone, set up our league at the start of last season and for some reason misspelled Levy, even though he too lives in North Little Rock). I am a Reds fan (it’s the bottom of the 2nd; Cubs 1, Reds 1), Hambone and Tomfootball are Cardinals fans. Erinmarie, our champion last season with a streak of 15, is a White Sox fan. Would you be interested in forming another league? How about the BTS Nerds, limited to we nerds who waste our time writing on the BTS blog? You couldn’t lose, because I am certain BTS Nerds around the globe recognize you as our king. …I have no idea who I will pick tomorrow.

  14. dragbunt104

    pperkins – Thanks for the insight into the Levy Ghetto Cats.
    Good luck to this season to Hambone, Tomfootball, Erinmarie and you.
    I’m allergic to cats so this would never work out πŸ™‚
    I’m hoping backrubs starts our Bloggers BTS group.
    FYI – Carlos Zambrano starts for the Cubs on Saturday.
    If the real CZ shows up, he could one hit the Reds. If Carlos “lite” shows up on the mound the entire Red line up could have multiple hit games!

  15. vinny1979

    Thanks Dragbunt. I knew he would come through against like I said he would. He needs a team like Cincy to get going and he is 2 for 3 so far tonight and imagine if I would of changed to Holliday yesterday like I wanted to. Pujols I felt was too risky but I left it as is to see maybe he would get just one hit but he didn’t and I lost my pick but it’s cool. Season is early and just started so a long way to go but I like my chances this year. Have Hanley tomorrow against Padilla and I will get the numbers on him in Miami and he hasn’t faced Padilla yet but Padilla is very hittable.

  16. dragbunt104

    Tip of the Day
    Keep an eye on the Chi Sox v. Twins today.
    Weather is nice and sunny in Chicago and this is a day game.
    Chi Sox starter is Freddy Garcia (yes he is still in the majors). Garcia’s spring training numbers from today’s Chiago Sun Times: “Garcia gave up 17 runs and 23 hits in his last 8 2/3 innings of spring training work.” I can just see the Twins starters now, gripping their bats and turning the handles into saw dust as they can not wait to get in that batter’s box today.
    Good luck to all!


    thanks dragbunt another pick to look into is justin upton vs zach duke. justin being swinging a nice bat hopeing he has another 1 today good luck to all.

  18. vinny1979

    Spring Training stats don’t matter in the regular season so Garcia could and may pitch a great game today. I’m going with Hanley as he is hitting .400 against righties so far in this young season and he’s facing a righty tonight so yeah. I love the odds of him getting a hit tonight against Padilla.


    Well Wells and Francoeur have made it relatively stress free the past two days. Francoeur already with a double.

  20. backrubs62

    okay the group “the bloggers” is now created. Those with email addresses showing on here have been sent invites

  21. 001pastorjackaaron

    I would like to join the BTS nerds as well. I haven’t left a comment in a couple days but i was one of the original blogs when the season started earlier this week!!!! Good Luck to everyone and lets reach the double digit mark coming up around the corner on Tuesday. BIG 10!

  22. vinny1979

    My hitting streak is at 2 when I started over since Hanley already got a hit so yeah. I’m in a group with a bunch of peeps I met on here last year but wouldn’t joining another.

  23. btle

    Interesting to note that it appears that only 1 player on the All time BTS streak leader list had a streak that started at the beginning of season.
    So that means that more than likely the player that will have longest streak this year has been knocked out already and had to start their streak again.


    Would anyone with a streak of 4,5,6 mind posting what thier standing number is? Just curious.

    BTW taking Cano today for 8 in a row! Hoping Shields continues to keep giving up base hits.

  25. vinny1979

    I’m going with Jeter today as he’s hitting .400 against Shields in his career and .333 this season so far against righties so going with the captain of the Yankees.


    Good luck all as we all know thursday and Sunday are the most bloodly days hopeing jeter gets me to 3 πŸ™‚

  27. dragbunt104

    Observation of the Day
    Sunday April 11 – Cubs v. Reds
    Mike Leake on the bump for the Reds. This is his first major league start and he has never pitched in the minors.
    First pitcher to do this since 1994. Logic would dictate that you stay away from this game. BUT – As Clint Eastwood, playing the role of Harry Callahan, said in the 1971 movie classic, DIRTY HARRY – Harry Callahan: I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire six shots or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? Well dragnunt feels lucky today: I’m going with Cubs big man – Derek Lee.
    Good luck to all today,

  28. vinny1979

    Dragbunt, you have a lot of guts going for Lee today but I like your style. I also have to ask what is your current streak so far since I know you have one on the group we are in together and we lead in.

  29. dragbunt104

    vinny1979 – Began the year with a 3 game streak and lost it on Ichirio’s o-fer day. Current streak is two. Derrek Lee walked in the first inning and struck out in the 3rd.

  30. vinny1979

    Thanks man. I was at 4 but when Pujols had his O fer I lost it and am currently at two as well and Jeter flew out in the first.

  31. dragbunt104

    Just as there is a “no fly zone” over the White House. Albert Pujols is in my “no pick zone.” I learned my lesson last year. He walks too much. Even with Holliday batting behind him he is pitched around alot. Holliday is a better pick than Pujols. I will take Pujols in HR Survivor.
    Derrek Lee singled up the middle in the 5th so my streak continues. Come on JETER!

  32. vinny1979

    Thanks dragbunt. I know he will come through for me and good job on Lee. I also am not picking Pujols anymore. I’m picking Holliday before Pujols unless I feel confident will come through against certain pitchers and I will be picking Pujols in HR Survivor without a doubt.

  33. backrubs

    well as you can see i took CANO today and i have my hit. that is three for me after the 0-for from Pujols the other day in Cincy..
    Good Luck for Sunday

  34. vinny1979

    Jeter just got his hit in the 7th inning so I am now at 3 and tomorrow I have Bartlett. He hasn’t hit Guthrie well in his career but Guthrie has been getting hit so far this season so hopefully it continues.


    well thank god it wasnt 1 of those bloody sundays. jeter comes thro after all. who ever pick pujols today good luck to u guys. hopefully he get to swing the bat today

  36. vinny1979

    Bartlett hit .395 in Baltimore last year and tomorrow’s game is in Baltimore and he got a hit against Guthrie last week so sticking with Bartlett based on his avg in Baltimore.

  37. vinny1979

    Cargo is going to be out for a while since he injured his hamstring so word of warning on him and Zimmerman. Zimmerman may be back on Tuesday but than again we don’t know.

  38. vinny1979

    Actually Utley is hitting .476 against Marquis in his career and is hitting .417 against Washington so he looks like a sure thing but that is why this game is funny. You never know what is going to happen.

  39. dragbunt104

    btle –
    I think that the bloggers group is set up for members to join on your own.

    Select groups from the menu line and join. Would be great to get at least a total of 20 members. Encouraging all to join in.

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