Beat the Streak Report: Monday, April 12



Monday’s recommended picks

Chase Utley, 2B, Phillies
.500 AVG (9-for-18) since ’05 vs. Nationals starter Jason Marquis

Miguel Tejada, 3B, Orioles
.462 AVG (6-for-13) lifetime vs. Rays starter Matt Garza

Kurt Suzuki, C, A’s
.400 AVG (8-for-20) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Ryan Rowland-Smith

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

With several high-scoring games on the docket yesterday, there were plenty of hits to go around for BTS users.

Each of the Top 7 selected players came through with at least one hit, with Dustin Pedroia leading the way with four base knocks.

Several hundred fans are clustered at the top of the leaderboard with their eight-game streaks. Many will fall off over the coming days and weeks, but perhaps someone from that group is ready for a record-breaking run … 

Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Albert Pujols (STL): 6.8%, 3-for-5
2. Derek Jeter (NYY): 5.2%, 1-for-5
3. Robinson Cano (NYY): 5.1%, 1-for-4
4. Dustin Pedroia (BOS): 5.1%, 4-for-5
5. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 5.0%, 1-for-4


  1. champion_88

    Just going through the probables now and if you are looking for a “pushing the envelope” type of pick, you might want to go with Pujols.

    Apparently, Pujols is hitting .161 against Rodriguez in 31 AB’s against him, so chances are Rodriguez will pitch to him each time and chances are Pujols will figure him out eventually.


    call me crazy!!!!! Rajai Davis for me today swing a nice bat this year so far. face Ryan Rowland-Smith early in the week got a couple hits that day hopeing he do the same today!!! call me crazy loll ……. (current streak at 3)


    call me crazy!!!!! Rajai Davis for me today swing a nice bat this year so far. face Ryan Rowland-Smith early in the week got a couple hits that day hopeing he do the same today!!! call me crazy loll ……. (current streak at 3)

  4. backrubs

    afternoon and happy monday to everyone. i see we are up to 13 in our group. i dont know if that is good or bad! LOL seems UTLEY seems to be the pick of the grouptoday. lets hope that he comes through!
    what is everyones current streak????? im at 3, i saw some say yesterday they were at the same streak as myseld after the pujols, ichioro 0-for’s back on thursday.
    IS anyone above 4 right now?

  5. darwri

    Guaranteed pick of the day is David DeJesus, ( mostly because he already has a hit ) no but Johnny Damon is my pick today.. He’s 0 for 1, but i guarantee he gets a hit today. Overdue is an understatement

  6. champion_88

    Well, I found the field to be a lot thinner today.

    Really not too many viable options, but one pick did stand out is being pretty strong in Jacoby Ellsbury.

    Ellsbury fit many of the parameters of what I look for, with the notable exception of being 0 for 2 in his career against Nick Blackburn.


    I ended up picking Utley over Cantu and I thought I was gonna regret it… but no, the Phils are destroying Marquis. Good luck to everyone still waiting.


    I ended up taking Utley over Cantu and I thought I might regret it, but no… the Phils are destroying Marquis. A 4-bagger no less.

    Good luck to those still waiting.

  9. champion_88

    Oh great!

    Ellsbury is not even starting!

    If I had know that, I would have used Pedroia, who, of course, already has a hit!

    So typical!

  10. nlbmsportin

    At a 9-game streak once Utley registers. Sorry to those who picked Ichiro or Pujols that one dreadful day. Luckily I had Mauer. 🙂

    Go M’s

  11. dragbunt104

    Tip of the Day Monday 4-11
    Great to see guys posting injury reports. Add this one to the Ryan Zimmerman injury post:
    Cubs Derrek Lee left the game early Monday (after singling twice!) with a swollen right thumb. He is “day to day.” I will stay away from him for the time being. That type of injury spells trouble. He could start, swing the bat and ground out in the 1st inning and leave the game because the thumb hurt him. Beware…………
    Albert Pujols – Taking him is like the guy who worked at the Fireworks factory and smoked – Day #1 no problem, Day #2 no problem, Day #3 KABOOM – there goes your streak.

  12. dragbunt104

    I had Chase Utley Monday. Keep an eye out each time Jason Marquis pitches – give up alot of hits. He is an Ex-Cardinal, Ex-Cub, Ex-Rockie now with Nationals.
    Tuesday – I’m looking at Todd Helton v. NYM John Maine who gives up hits, Rockies home game too. Any opinions on this one?

  13. schenk015

    helton seems like a good pick. im going with rowand to get a hit off maholm. im feeling a 2 hit day from him tomorrow

  14. 001pastorjackaaron

    In 639 at bats last year, Ichiro had only one occasion that he failed to get a hit in consecutive games. Only 4 times total in the last 3 years. He is going to be a good pick for tomorrow. Not to mention, he was 6/9 last year against Brett Anderson who the mariners face tomorrow. Good Luck to all.

  15. vinny1979

    Don’t be so quick to pick Ichiro as he is only hitting .091 against lefties so far this season and Anderson is a lefty so I would steer clear for now. I’m going with Jeter and it’s a damn shame I picked Pujols that one dreadful day or else I would be at 9 but like I said playing smart now and going with Jeter who kills Santana at a .435 clip so I love the odds of him getting a hit tomorrow.

  16. backrubs

    just got home from work, and since i dont know if i will be awake at the time Tuesday locks, i did pick Jeter

  17. vinny1979

    Ichiro is hitting .083 against lefties so far this season after yesterday’s performance and .158 against Oakland so he may be a bad pick today again.


    I joined the group but must have been a day late because someone else has a day longer streak than me. In the regular one I have a 9 game streak. No strategy really and I don’t read the tips on the blog or in the comments. I figure it will make me over think and second guess myself!

  19. champion_88

    Why did you join the group if you do not participate in the group?

    I guess someone always has to be “that guy.”

    Who do you have for today though?

  20. dragbunt104

    Tip of the Day from the east or is it the Far East?
    Tuesday April 13
    Ichirio – Is there a kink in the knights armour?
    I had Ichirio last week when he had his o-fer against, guess who, lefty Brett Anderson of the A’s who he is facing today. Ichirio was 0-3 v. Anderson last week.
    Going with Jeter today – NYY home opener, day game at the Stadium – that’s baseball!
    kimberly.manning – Keep reading the blog and never second guess yourself unless hamannm makes a blog post as he had a 43 game streak last year!
    Vinny – Go NYY – I took Jeter in HR BTS today too.
    champion_88 – be nice to Kimberly, looks like we have a lady in the group.


    You’re wise, Manning. I learned to ignore most of these blog entries, until after the deadline, last summer, when Dragbunt and the Supremes talked me out of Chris Coghlan (who of course hit) and into Johnny Damon against Roy Halladay (who of course one-hit the Yankees and made Damon look as if he had a severe neurological disorder). If I had taken your route, I might be writing this from the Riviera.

  22. vinny1979

    I’m taking Jeter in BTS today but not in HR BTS as I never pick the same player in both. The kiss of death I think. Dragbunt I have been doing research and I’m steering clear of Ichiro and picking Jeter. I bet he gets a hit in his first AB today.

  23. vinny1979

    Kimberly how can you say there is no strategy involved in this game? There is a lot of strategy as you have to do research and all it takes is 1 AB and than that person makes an out and something happens and they are taken out and there goes your streak.


    Thanks, Dragbunt and pperkins. Vinny, I’m not saying there’s no strategy involved in picking. I just meant that I don’t have a concerted strategy that I’m using.

  25. vinny1979

    Ok. I got ya. I misunderstood you Kim. That’s cool though. LOL. Good luck in your streak and who you have for today?


    I have Sandoval for today. Painful since their game isn’t until 9 my time and I wont know if I continue my steak or not. There are two rules I follow as a Brewers fan, though. I never pick against them and if I’m going to a game I always pick a Brewer. Makes it more exciting!

  27. champion_88

    “champion_88 – be nice to Kimberly, looks like we have a lady in the group.”

    lol that should not matter

  28. champion_88

    “Thanks, Dragbunt and pperkins. Vinny, I’m not saying there’s no strategy involved in picking. I just meant that I don’t have a concerted strategy that I’m using.”

    That can be problematic though, as it is tough to know if you have the best possible pick.

  29. btle

    vinny1979- Congrats on extending your streak with Jeter. It would’ve been great to pick him as HR hitter today. 🙂 This game is a game of luck with some strategy as obviously not smart to pick some players.

    In regards to Kimberly’s comment, I’m betting she knows more about players than she’s letting on. I don’t read the blog so much for tips more to see other people’s opinions.

    champion_88- I’m a girl too. There are plenty of female baseball fans playing this game I’m sure.

  30. dragbunt104

    Tip of the Day – Wed. Apirl 14
    SSE wind 12 mph in Chicago today – nice weather too.
    That means the wind is blowing out toward left field at Wrigley Field today. In HR BTS would be good to go with a righty hitter ala Aramis Ramirez.
    In BTS – Going with Utley v. Stammen of Nats = big average v. Stammen, Phils home game and Nats bullpen is questionalble.
    Is Ichirio due for a hit today?
    Good Luck to all,

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