Beat the Streak Report: Monday, April 26



He may not don the black cloak or rock a scythe, but for the third time in six days, Derek Jeter has been the grim reaper for our streakers worldwide. After an 0-for-4 Sunday, Jeter annihilated 4.5 percent of the BTS pool, while his teammate, Mark Teixeira, went hitless in two at-bats to kick the bucket on 7.2 percent of our users.

I can understand why Teix was such a popular choice, as he entered Sunday’s contest with a ridiculous .583 (7-for-12) lifetime average vs. opposing starter Scott Kazmir.

Jeter is another story, as the Captain was just 6-for-38 (.158 AVG) against the hard-throwing southpaw and, ya know, IS IN THE MIDST OF A 5-for-29 SLUMP.

Whoa, sorry I blacked out.

Anyway, the denouement is not to be blinded by the star-power highfalutin names and to just look at the numbers.

I’m trying to help you here.

Let’s move on to Monday’s picks …


Oh, hello there …

  • Michael Young: .500 AVG (6-for-12) since ’05 vs. Tigers starter Jeremy Bonderman
  • Shin-Soo Choo: .381 AVG (8-for-21) lifetime vs. Angels starter Jered Weaver
  • Franklin Gutierrez: .500 AVG (8-for-16) lifetime vs. Royals starter Kyle Davies
  • Kelly Johnson: 1.000 AVG (5-for-5) lifetime vs. Rockies starter Jason Hammel
  • Adam Lind: .455 AVG (5-for-11) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter Josh Beckett
  • Ryan Braun: .417 AVG (5-for-12) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Zach Duke


Feeling kinda spicy?

  • Mark Grudzielanek: .545 AVG (6-for-11) lifetime vs. Angels starter Jered Weaver. I double-dog dare you.
  • Ryan Spilborghs: .400 AVG (10-for-25) lifetime vs. D-backs starter Dan Haren. You’d be sick to go with Spilborghs. In a good way.
  • David DeJesus: .375 AVG (6-for-16) lifetime vs. Mariners starter Felix Hernandez. Seriously, take a cold shower before pressing the “enter pick” button for DeJesus. It’s King Felix, for crying out loud!


You’ll thank me later …

  • Stephen Drew: .000 AVG (0-for-7) lifetime vs. Rockies starter Jason Hammel
  • Aramis Ramirez: .000 AVG (0-for-8) lifetime vs. Nationals starter John Lannan
  • Andre Ethier: .000 AVG (0-for-6) lifetime vs. Mets starter Oliver Perez


Leaderboard time!

We have reached a final 10! The following 10 streakers are atop the leaderboard with 22-game streaks and are 38.6 percent on their way to riding gold-plated ponies into the sunset:

  • ALbundy
  • GMAN09
  • dave
  • djbloom
  • dodger_blue
  • halofan4liphe
  • j4trieze
  • kot2
  • mitchlisad
  • olifante


Top MLB streakers


  1. vinny1979

    It’s good to see the blog back and they offered a lot of help so now I have to see who to pick for tonight. I still have 6 hours. Where are my fellow bloggers at?

  2. nardberg

    I’m with neil – love the new format. I was thinking maybe the blogger guy was on vacation or out of a job lol.

    vinny – sticking with Gutierrez – your thoughts???

  3. nardberg

    I’m with neil – love the new format. I was thinking maybe the blogger guy was on vacation or out of a job lol.

    vinny – sticking with Gutierrez – your thoughts???

  4. vinny1979

    Well Nard I had Ichiro for the last 10 days but Michael Young is starting to heat up and he had 3 hits yesterday so I changed to him for tonight to start my streak back up.

  5. dragbunt104

    A double tip of my Cub cap to the blog guy! Nice format with mucho info! I have been a big critic of the blog guy in the past and must compliment him on the updated info etc.
    vinny1979 – I’m going with Ryan Braun of Brewers. Duke is a hittable lefty, game in Milwaukee, Braun had an 0-fer on Sunday but Cubs pitching shut down the entire Brewer team over the weekend. The Brew Crew should have a field day with Pirates staff.

  6. schenk015

    i too like this new blog. more info which is always helpful. im still taking adam laroche against hammel of the rockies. his avg may not be great but he been hot since the first 3 games of the years. hoping for him to take me to an 8 game streak

  7. vinny1979

    I have Braun tomorrow Drag as I know what he does to the Pirates so I love my odds tomorrow. Young is hot and had 3 hits yesterday so maybe he is back to his old self again. We will see though. I love this new blog.

  8. champion_88

    I saw the entry of this series over the weekend under the fantasy page and feared for the worst and now my worst fears have come true.

    We had the old guy for the past year and I like sticking with tradition.

    I had hoped to keep 2 separate features in place.

    Can we at least get an explanation of why the other guy has been canned and who he was?


    Cool blog. Except Teixeira was a really bad choice.

    I will probably stick with Gutierrez today, but I was also looking at Young. Heating up?

  10. vinny1979

    Yeah. He went 3 for 4 yesterday against Detroit with 5 RBIs. He is heating up and he may be back to his .300 self again.

  11. schenk015

    he wasnt saying that teixeira was a good choice yesterday. he was saying that he understands why so many people took him eventhough he has always sucked in april.
    i see alot of people taking gutierrez this year but im not sold on him as a consistant hitter. i really dont trust taking anyone on the mariners right now and that includes ichiro

  12. vinny1979

    I said it earlier and I was right. Dodgers-Mets is rained out and will be made up as a double header on Tuesday.

  13. schenk015

    the dodgers vs mets game was postponed before the picks for today were locked so why are there people who have dodgers and mets players as picks. shouldnt those have turned into no selection because the game was taken off the pick board around 6:30

  14. vinny1979

    Drag, I have Lee in HR BTS today to extend my streak to 2. Good pick or not? How is the weather in Chicago?

  15. lavolpe

    Tonight’s Top2500 picks. A total of 130 different players picked overall.
    Player, Times Picked, Top2500 Pct
    Ryan Braun, 374, 14.96%
    Franklin Gutierrez, 316, 12.64%
    Ichiro Suzuki, 217, 8.68%
    Kelly Johnson, 196, 7.84%
    Martin Prado, 156, 6.24%
    Michael Young, 134, 5.36%
    Miguel Cabrera, 95, 3.8%
    Albert Pujols, 88, 3.52%
    Chipper Jones, 85, 3.4%
    No Selection, 56, 2.24%
    Matt Kemp, 44, 1.76% (rain out)
    Shin-Soo Choo, 44, 1.76%
    752 Top2500 streaks came to an end yesterday with Teixera, Jeter, Braun, & Furcal leading the way.
    The NYM/ATL rain-shortened game cost Chipper & Heyward fans their streaks.
    Note. First time this season the 1st Page of Leaders shows 3 different positions: 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

  16. backrubs

    I like the new format. and i have to believe the reason for it might have been all us bloggers always posting names of 4-6 different names in our replies and hardly any that we named were the three the site posted as their pick of the day

  17. 00liber

    Evening guys, sorry ive been away for the last little while, gotta agree with backrub in that we all post names and they rarely matched the 3 they were putting out. Anyways Jeter knopcked me back to square 1 yesterday. Glad i looked before games locked cause i had Furcal set, Going Braun to start it off again. Good luck to fellow bloggers AlBundy and Dodger_blue tonight.

  18. 00liber

    and as i posted that last message Prado got his hit to extend AlBundy, Braun coming up in the home half of the 3rd.

  19. 00liber

    and Braun singles in the home half of the 3rd, ichiro grounds out, guetierrez walks,
    4 guys move on perfect, good luck to the rest.

  20. schenk015

    as a tigers fan i can say its not looking good for the guy who chose michael young. bonderman looks to be in a zone that he hasnt been in for the last few years. its going to be very tough for young to pull out a hit tonight

  21. dragbunt104

    Vinny1979 – Got in too late to help you out on HR BTS. Wind at Wrigley blowing from the north = not a HR kind of day unless D Lee hits a low line drive as the wind will knock down all fly balls for flyouts. Same scenario for tomorrow.
    I’m going in HR BTS with Prince Fielder every game Brewers play v. Pirates this home stand.
    Cha – Ching Ryan Braun singles in the 3rd.
    Does Chase Utley look too good to be true for Tuesday?
    Someone from MLB is reading the blog besides the censor as the prize this year was increased from $1M to $3M and the blog writer now has a sense of humor and is dispensing advice that is helpful.

  22. schenk015

    chase utley does look like the best pick for tomorrow so ill probably stay away because for some reason he will end up going hitless


    I’m not sure yet who I’m picking for Tuesday, but I know for sure who I’m picking on Wednesday.

  24. vinny1979

    It’s cool Drag. If I go back to square one on the HR BTS I have Tex tomorrow in Balt as last year he went to Balt and blew up and I’m predicting the same for this year. Tex turned it around in Balt lasts year and it will happen this year. Also I have two teams in BTS now and I picked Damon and he got me back to 1 on that one. I’m joined The Bloggers as my other name which is Vinman28. I hope Young gets a hit tonight.

  25. nardberg

    Once again I have a knack for picking a below-average pitcher who is able to take a no hitter into the 6th. Dammit Seattle start hitting already!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  26. dragbunt104

    Chicago Report for Tuesday’s games 4/27
    Aramis Ramirez has a good record against Nats pitcher but he is in a slump hitting .139 stay away from him like you would stay away from the H1N1 virus.
    Michael Young may be back but don’t take him against Chi Sox Mark Buehrle on Tuesday. Buehrle is a tough as nails lefty. I was at Buehrle’s perfect game last July at US Cellular Field in Chicago and have the ticket stub to prove it.
    Bombs away in Milwaukee as Brewers are blasting the Pirate “ship” (bullpen) to pieces.

  27. 00liber

    lol i think i just heard (from way up north here )DjBloom’s sigh of relief as young just singled. still waiting on Guetierrez and johnson,

  28. backrubs

    josephcarlmoratto come join us in group. look for the bloggers and if that doesnt work, try bloggers by itself

  29. vinny1979

    Gutierrez is going to break a lot of hearts and streaks tonight. He has one AB and has already walked twice unless Sea ties the game.

  30. dragbunt104

    The BTS game is mind boggling. One day you look like a genius and the next day you look like The Village Idiot.
    I did not take Kelly Johnson becasue in the past I have gone down flames with players without proven track records like KJ. You can over analyze like crazy. For Tuesday, I’m now looking at Ryan Ludwig of Cards as he hits left and Lowe of Braves is hittable v. lefties. Game in St Louis, Ludwig batted in the two hole on Monday and had a hit. Ludwig is 6 – 10 career wise v. Lowe.

  31. albundy

    I was very fortunate tonight as Prado’s hit was a lucky pop up that probably should have been caught by Ludwick. I’ll take it. I have a feeling who the number 1 selected player will be tomorrow, and I’m picking him as well. Should be money in the bank. Props to all that advanced tonight. It’s starting to get fun.

  32. nardberg

    well dragbunt, swine flu is running a close second to this game right about now LOL. 🙂 back to the goose egg.

  33. deb23

    Heads up for tomorrow……….. Mets / Dodgers is a doubleheader. Would like to pick Kemp, but not risking the “hit in each game” rule (if he bats in both games).

  34. vinny1979

    Kelly Johnson has one AB left coming up in the ninth. Al Bundy your doing well but you never know. All it takes is one bad night.

  35. oneheartbeataway

    Ichiro just extended my streak to 21 games tonight (thestache3) I have Braun tommorow was considering maurer but J.Verlander could light anyone up any given night. I’ll stick with Braun for Tuesday even though the Pirates have not announced a starter yet. Oh yeah I had Seattles gutierrez til about the last 30 minutes til pick time and decided to switch to Ichiro strictly cuz the righty lefty thing shewwwww. Anyway what do you guys think, stick with Braun or switch it up??

  36. oneheartbeataway

    not looking good for misspriss1322’s 21game streak picking kendry morales 0-3. He’s due up 4th in the b8th they need a base runner!!

  37. schenk015

    though you dont know whos ptching for pittsburgh tomorrow braun is a good pick. at this point in time it seems like no matter who the pirates put on the mound that person is going to give up a ton of hits and runs so i dont see why you should change your pick

  38. backrubs

    REMINDER, picks lock tomorrow at 4 Eastern because of the doubleheader.

    Holliday 17 for 29 against Lowe
    Utley 7 for 11 against Wellmeyer
    Cano and Jeter 6 for 18 against Millwood
    Ichiro 5 for 13 against Greinke
    Zimmerman 6 for 12 against Gprzelanny

    Decisions Decisions Decisions.
    Right now im looking at Utley

  39. champion_88

    “the dodgers vs mets game was postponed before the picks for today were locked so why are there people who have dodgers and mets players as picks. shouldnt those have turned into no selection because the game was taken off the pick board around 6:30”

    Well, that would not be fair if they took them out as picks, because then your streak would have ended, just because it rained out.

    You would have to literally constantly refresh the page, hoping to catch the mistake in time, or forced to use your 2nd choice, but then see the game get played, your original pick get a hit, and your # 2 go hitless.

    As far as I know, as long as you get your pick in, they will not take it away from you, but they will remove it from the pick board.

  40. deb23

    Lots to chose from today… Boston pitching gave up 16 hits last night after giving up 40 hits to the O’s over the weekend. Then we have the Brewers v Pitt – – no need to go into detail on this one. I’m avoiding the Braves for the time being… Prado is hitting, but no one else seems to be. Don’t forget about the Yankees. Swisher hits well on the road and Tex is heading back to his hometown. I have Tex for the HR today.
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  41. dragbunt104

    Brewers have now beaten the Pirates 22 straight games at Miller Park. Matt Karstens, Pirates starter, was brought up from minors to face Brewers tonight. Go to schedule on the home page and put your cursor over Karstens name and read his info from Triple A – scarey bad stuff. Milwaukee Sentinal Journal reporting this morning that all fans sitting in outfield seats will be issued helmets this evening so no one gets hurt as HR balls rain down on them this evening.
    Ryn Braun looking good tonight. Chase Utley – is he in a hitting funk? Ryan Ludwick looks good too. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

  42. blocrs

    It looks as if the New York Met’s have enough help from San Francisco to make it out of the National League play-offs. That’s usually the only scenario if the Mets are going to have a good dominant year they’ll roll over the San Francisco Giants.

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