Beat the Streak Report: Tuesday, April 27



It wasn’t the kindest of Mondays for a good chunk of our Beat the Streak aspiring multi-millionaires.

Thanks to Franklin Gutierrez, Chipper Jones and Kelly Johnson, an eye-wincing 17.2 percent of our BTSers pressed the reset button in their quest for the mega bucks. And just to pour some Tabasco sauce on some open wounds, Derrek Lee, Chase Utley and Matt Kemp combined to eliminate an additional 6.4 percent of the field.

To quote Coldplay (oh boy), “Nobody said it was easy.”

And it shouldn’t be.

On with Tuesday’s picks.

Oh, hello there …

  • Matt Holliday: .563 AVG (18-for-32) lifetime vs. Braves starter Derek Lowe
  • Chase Utley: .636 AVG (7-for-11) lifetime vs. Giants starter Todd Wellemeyer
  • Ryan Ludwick: .600 AVG (6-for-10) lifetime vs. Lowe
  • Aramis Ramirez: .379 AVG (11-for-29) lifetime vs. Nationals starter Livan Hernandez
  • Adrian Beltre: .462 AVG (6-for-13) lifetime vs. Blue Jays starter Shaun Marcum
  • Geoff Blum: .588 AVG (10-for-17) lifetime vs. Reds starter Aaron Harang

Feeling kinda spicy?

  • Adam LaRoche: .500 AVG (4-for-8) lifetime vs. Rockies starter Ubaldo Jimenez. Who wants to dance with Ubaldo the Incredible?
  • Randy Winn: .611 AVG (11-for-18) lifetime vs. Orioles starter Kevin Millwood. Winn should get a hit, ya know, assuming he’s in the lineup.
  • Ryan Garko: .480 AVG (12-for-25) lifetime vs. White Sox starter Mark Buehrle. I mean, come on.

You’ll thank me later …

Leaderboard time!

And then there were seven.

Seven Beat the Streakers are rocking 23-game streaks and are 40.4 percent on their way to buying pet zebras. Just because they can.

  • ALbundy
  • djbloom
  • dodger_blue
  • halofan4liphe
  • j4trieze
  • kot2
  • olifante

Top MLB streakers


  1. backrubs

    it seems that chase utley is 5-for-26 in the last week
    Holliday is 8-for-26, Ludwick is 7-for-26, Beltre 7-for-24
    the other two listed are not doing much better.

    Hot Hitters, last seven days

    1. R Theriot CHC SS .533
    2. C Rasmus STL OF .529
    3. P Sandoval SF 3B .524
    4. K Morales LAA .500
    4. T Wigginton BAL 2B .500
    6. M Byrd CHC OF .481
    7. J Morneau MIN 1B .476
    8. B Abreu LAA OF .462
    9. P Konerko CWS 1B .450
    10. R Cano NYY 2B .429
    11. M Wieters BAL C .421
    12. K Youkilis BOS 1B .419
    13. V Guerrero TEX DH .417
    14. J Reyes NYM SS .409
    15. Y Betancourt
    KC SS 6 25 2 10 2 0 0 2 12 0 3 0 1 .400 .480 .400
    16. J Mauer MIN C .391
    17. J Damon DET OF .385
    18. N Markakis BAL OF .381
    18. S Rolen CIN 3B .381
    20. E Longoria TB 3B .375
    20. Y Molina STL C .375
    22. B Butler KC 1B .370
    23. D Barton OAK 1B .368
    23. L Overbay TOR 1B .368
    23. M Reynolds ARI 3B .368
    26. M Cabrera DET 1B .367

    Decisions, decisions, decisions

  2. tolvar

    “And just to pour some Tabasco sauce on some open wounds, Derrek Lee, Chase Utley and Matt Kemp combined to eliminate an additional 6.4 percent of the field.”

    The Dodgers didn’t play yesterday due to the rain. Did those who picked Kemp really get reset to ZERO???

  3. dragbunt104

    Baseball Musings Day By Day Database, Current Hit Streaks
    Through Games of 04/26/2010
    Player Games At Bats Runs Hits HR RBI BB K BA OBA Slug%
    Johnny Damon 13 46 11 19 0 5 9 8 .413 .509 .543
    Jeff Mathis 10 34 5 11 1 3 2 7 .324 .351 .500
    Matt Wieters 8 32 3 12 0 4 0 5 .375 .375 .438
    Mark Reynolds 7 27 7 12 4 13 3 8 .444 .500 .963
    Pablo Sandoval 7 26 3 12 1 2 3 1 .462 .517 .654
    Colby Rasmus 7 26 7 12 4 8 3 8 .462 .517 1.115
    Bobby Abreu 7 26 7 12 2 4 5 6 .462 .548 .846
    Carl Crawford 7 28 6 11 1 4 4 4 .393 .455 .607
    Carlos Guillen 7 25 2 9 0 3 4 2 .360 .448 .480
    Conor Jackson 7 30 2 9 0 2 3 4 .300 .364 .333
    Geoff Blum 7 21 1 8 0 3 0 1 .381 .381 .524
    Adam LaRoche 7 25 3 8 2 5 5 6 .320 .433 .640
    Ryan Theriot 6 30 6 16 0 6 2 4 .533 .562 .667
    Justin Morneau 6 21 6 10 2 7 7 0 .476 .607 .952
    Vladimir Guerrero 6 24 3 10 1 8 2 1 .417 .481 .667
    Ramon Santiago 6 19 4 9 0 2 2 2 .474 .524 .526
    Andres Torres 6 21 2 8 0 1 0 3 .381 .381 .476
    Carlos Gomez 6 27 7 8 0 1 4 7 .296 .387 .370
    Ryan Doumit 6 18 1 7 0 0 2 2 .389 .476 .389
    Chris Snyder 6 22 4 7 1 3 3 6 .318 .400 .500

  4. schenk015

    got an 8 game streak and im going to risk it getting to 9 with marco scutaro. the toronto pitchers have cooled off since their strong start to the season and yesterday was a good example to prove that. im only taking scutaro because hes been consistently getting on base this year and because the blue jays pitchers arent as good as theyve seemed

  5. vinny1979

    My fellow Bloggers. I have Braun with my main name and I’m sticking with him no matter what. He is hitting the Pirates and Brewers may score 17 again tonight.

  6. schenk015

    tolvar they did reset people’s streaks to 0 if they took someone from the dodgers or mets yesterday. i was wondering if that would happen yesterday because the game was postponed before the picks locked. its unfortunate to those people but i guess that was in the rules somewhere. i think its stupid because those people only had about an hour to make a change of players and most of those people probably didnt have the time to make the change or werent even aware that the game got postponed

  7. schenk015

    if you are looking at phillies to take tonight
    jayson werth
    chase utley
    placido polanco
    carlos ruiz
    to me they are the only safe picks out of phillies for tonight against wellemeyer and of those 4 guys i would say ruiz or polanco is the best pick

  8. deb23

    WOW… I can’t believe they reset them to 0. Guess we need to double-check the weather and our picks daily before they lock.

  9. schenk015

    yea that was unlucky. i can understand resetting their streaks to 0 if they knew the game was postponed the entire day but it didnt get postponed until an hour before picks locked. maybe they will come to their senses and reset those players streaks back to where they were

  10. deb23

    The rules seem to give the BTS’ers a fair shake on “suspended” games, so this seems a bit odd. I’m curious to see if their steaks are reset if Kemp get a hit in both games. I gotta go check the weather in Baltimore.

  11. deb23 shows the wind blowing NNW from 15-20 at Camden Yards. Not sure which direction the field sits, but this could help or hurt the long ball. I’m also going with Cano.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  12. darwri

    The streaks with any Dodgers or Mets didnt get reset. The BTS blogger made a mistake. Whatever you do, change your pick from Mark Scutaro tonight. Marcum has been holding opponents to a BA of under 230. not smart, alot of better picks out there.

  13. neil_p


    Yeah, Dodgers and Mets Pickers didn’t get reset… I can see some top Current Streakers that picked Dodgers yesterday.

  14. vinny1979

    You know what’s funny. Braun is hitting .237 at home this year so far but is hitting .537 against Pitt so yeah. It’s weird but he will get a hit though.

  15. deb23

    Yeah, that’s good news neil_p and darwri… I see a few BTS’ers with nice streaks picking FURCAL or KEMP today. I can only wonder if they know about the rule for double-headers. It appears dodger_blue only picks Dodger players which is pretty loyal, and it appears to be working well for him. I hope his luck continues this evening.

  16. dragbunt104
    The web site above is your golden opportunity to get the weather conditions at all MLB parks. It even shows a picuture of a baseball field witht the direction of the wind blowing at that park. This site is rate A+
    Went with Ryan Braun for second straight day.
    Suggest those going to the Brewer game tonight and sitting in the outfield seats keep their heads up for HR balls.
    Also, Bernie Brewer who sildes down a big slide after every Brewer HR may wear out a pair of pants with Jeff Karstens on the bump for the Bucks.

  17. deb23

    Thanks for the link dragbunt… that is pretty cool of! Wish I would have taken Holliday or Pujol for the HR with that wind direction and speed. AND LOL @ the Bernie Brewer comment.

  18. jonbaseball

    Very strange that Kemp could’ve ruined a streak. This is from the “Official Rules” (link –

    “Except as set forth in the Suspended Games Sections below, your streak will remain intact in the event of any cancelled or postponed MLB game. The foregoing is based on official scoring as confirmed by MLBAM”

    The Dodgers/Mets game yesterday was postponed by every logical definition of the word. I think this is something that should be corrected by the BTS Gods.

  19. champion_88

    I went with Sandoval today.

    Everything looks good for Utley, except the fact that he is hitting .229 over his last 10 games.

    Welleymeyer is holding righties to a .18X batting average, so Polanco and Werth would not be good choices, but Howard is even colder than Utley right now!

    Sandoval does not have any career data against Moyer, but the two of them give up lots of hits, so it is still likely that he gets 5 AB’s anyway.

  20. lavolpe

    Today’s Top2500 picks. 149 different p.layers picked overall
    Player, Times Picked, Top2500 Pct
    Chase Utley, 366, 14.64%
    Joe Mauer, 358, 14.32%
    Ryan Braun, 287, 11.48%
    Derek Jeter, 156, 6.24%
    Robinson Cano, 102, 4.08%
    Matt Holliday, 85, 3.4%
    Scott Podsednik, 73, 2.92%
    Albert Pujols, 67, 2.68%
    No Selection, 61, 2.44%
    Placido Polanco, 57, 2.28%
    Rafael Furcal, 57, 2.28%
    Ichiro Suzuki, 34, 1.36%
    Yesterday resulted in 843 streak enders led by F. Gutierrez, K. Johnson & Chipper.
    I wonder who tormorrow’s top pick will be? Hmmmm, guess I’ll wait to see if I’m right.
    Can’t post tomorrow’s picks til I get home, around 6:00pm Eastern time.

  21. lavolpe

    If the rainout indeed did kill streaks for those that picked players, a quick count shows an additional 100 Top2500 players that were reset also — wow is right. So if you’re at work or somewhere else and you didn’t happen to hear about a rainout cancellation that effects your pick and the picks lock before you get home; guess you’re out of luck. That bites.

  22. dragbunt104

    I’m guessing that the new master of the blog reads the comments each day. No streak ends because of a total rain out/game posponement.
    Corrections could take a day or so to be made. Best to keep putting your concerns on the blog so they are seen.
    For veteran bloggers who were kids when the Beatles were the rage. The Blog Guy quoted Cold Play in his commentary today. FYI – Cold Play is a musical group not a night game at Wrigley Field with a northeast wind and temps in the 30’s.
    LOL 🙂

  23. vinny1979

    Braun already got his hit and I am back up to a 2 game streak. Al Bundy is now at 24 along with olifante.

  24. tolvar

    Furcal went 1-4 in the first game. Hopefully, he does not PH in the second game and only get one AB OR hopefully he will get a hit IF he only has 1 AB. DEB23… I think you meant Willie in terms of picking Dodgers. I noticed that also.

  25. tolvar

    Johnny Damon now has a 14-game hitting streak. Batting .375 against Scott Baker. May not be a bad pick tomorrow. Yankees may miss him before the season is over.


    All right. I finally picked a guy who didn’t buckle under the pressure of my having picked him. Don’t think I won’t build on this streak of one; All you other Bloggers, BTS Nerds, and Levi Ghetto Cats are meat. Meat, I say.

  27. schenk015

    got magglio ordonez for tomorrow. he has killed scott baker during his entire career and i expect that to continue

  28. albundy

    Wow I’m at 24, and starting to feel the pressure. It’s taking me 20 minutes to make my picks everyday, as I do all the research I can. I hope I don’t over think it. 24 is pretty cool, but I’m still not even close to 57. I’m hoping I can keep this thing going, and if I hit 40 I will be super excited. Losing my streak now would be so disappointing. To those who took Joe Mauer tonight, I went to the game, and Ramon Santiago make a nice play to keep him hitless. Props to those who advanced, best of luck to all.

  29. 00liber

    Well Mauer’s 0-fer takes out almost 13% and Jeter struck out in the 9th to take another 7%. Utley struck out first at bat.
    Congrats Al, Braun pulls through for me as well to get me back to 2. Holliday just got beaned. 1 leader done with Jeter and 1 almost done with holliday.

  30. oneheartbeataway

    I have a feeling many people are going to pick Ichiro tommorrow, be careful i have a feeling meche is gonna come up big

  31. oneheartbeataway

    Braun extended my streak to 22 games tonight. Like AL bundy said the pressure is building and we’re not even half way home. The picks are taking me 20-30 minutes now as well, hope my go to guy comes through tomorrow. This is a lot of fun!

  32. 00liber

    Goodfella, your streak went to 0 because the dodgers played a doubleheader today, and kemp only got a hit in one game. Stupid rule but if you pick a player who plays in doubleheader he must get hit in both games in order to keep hit streak alive. Its in the rules.

    AL and Dodger, congrats and continued success.
    Mr. Stache3, good luck tomorow.

    Early games tomorow so make sure your picks are in.

    @2 thanks to Braun.

  33. champion_88

    “one person one the front page has already ended his streak as kemp went 0-4 in game 1”

    Well, I have no idea who he used for today, but he still might be safe, because, according to the scoreboard, the 2nd game was officially the makeup game and Kemp did go 1 for 5 in Game 2.

    Now, as long as he did not use Kemp again today (which is the 1st game,) and also picked a player who got a hit, his streak would go up 2 games, and rejoin the top group.

  34. champion_88

    “Goodfella, your streak went to 0 because the dodgers played a doubleheader today, and kemp only got a hit in one game. Stupid rule but if you pick a player who plays in doubleheader he must get hit in both games in order to keep hit streak alive. Its in the rules.”

    Well, that is not exactly true. There are 2 types of doubleheaders in BTS. 1 like the one that played out today and one where a rainout occurs, say, tomorrow and is made up in September.

    In this scenario, 2 games are played, but you can still extend 2 games.

    Your pick yesterday is actually Game 2 of the doubleheader today. Your pick today is Game 1 of the doubleheader.

    That is why that guy’s streak went to 0, because Kemp was 0 for 4 in Game 1.

    But he had picked Kemp for yesterday and Braun for today, his streak would have gone up 2 games.

    If the doubleheader is played in September, than there is no linkage, in terms of picks, to the original day the game was played, so it is treated as a standard doubleheader, and you need a hit in both games to advance 1 game.

    That is my understanding of the rules, but I would love for the blog writer to clarify if I am correct or not.

  35. champion_88

    “Wow I’m at 24, and starting to feel the pressure. It’s taking me 20 minutes to make my picks everyday, as I do all the research I can.”

    lol, I spend 2 hours a day making my pick.

    Thankfully, the strategy is finally starting to work.

  36. dragbunt104

    Sticking with Ryan Braun today. He can hit lefty Malholm of Bucs. Day game in Milwaukee. I have a bad feeling about Ichiro – he has ended 3 streaks for me already this year. A bad omen.

  37. darwri

    champion_88.. unfortunately your thinking is wrong. I wish it was that way for sure. Lets say you had Kemp Monday, it has no barring on Tuesday’s games. So lets say you had Kemp Tuesday as well and he got a hit in each game, your streak would be only 1.. not 2.

  38. nardberg

    Well it was nice to wake up and see that Utley came through. 🙂 I have Braun today as well. Only 5 left in first place – congrats to them and good luck to everyone today!!!

    I also agree with the blogger (we need a nickname for this guy!!!) – avoid Jeter for now. 0-for-5 last night against Baltimore. Baltimore!!! Was not thrilled with ARod’s 9th inning chump move either. 🙂

  39. schenk015

    knowing albundy is a tigers fan and many of the tigers hitters have had great success against baker in their careers im going to guess that the twins tigers game will be one that we will be watching to see if some of the top streaks continue

  40. vinny1979

    I have Cano tonight after switching to him from Jeter. Cano is the hottest on the Yanks right now so I like my odds right now.

  41. champion_88

    “Sticking with Ryan Braun today. He can hit lefty Malholm of Bucs. Day game in Milwaukee. I have a bad feeling about Ichiro – he has ended 3 streaks for me already this year. A bad omen.”

    Ichiro’s 2 for 5 line is very deceiving, because if you check the strength of the hits, you find a soft fly ball to left field and a bunt ground ball to the catcher.

    Essentially, he was 0 for 5 yesterday. He just got lucky and outran a ball.

    Not much to pick from today.

    I was forced to go with Braun, since every other possibility suffered from one or more flaws, that pointed to Braun as a stronger option.

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