Beat the Streak Report: Weekend, April 30 – May 2



A classic mistake ended the streaks of 7.8 percent of our Beat the Streak family.

The Twins played the Tigers on Thursday. Detroit sent Dontrelle Willis to the mound. Joe Mauer is a really good hitter. This appeared to be a primo matchup. Except that it wasn’t.

You see, it was an afternoon game. The Twins and Tigers played the evening before. Mauer is a catcher. Catchers normally sit out day games after night games. And Mauer sat. But then he didn’t.

In the top of the eighth inning, Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire summoned his 2009 AL MVP into the batter’s box to pinch-hit. Mauer struck out swinging. His day was over, along with the 7.8 percent of users who selected him.

New Beat the Streak Report rule: Don’t pick catchers on day games after night games.

Let’s move on to the weekend’s picks …

Oh, hello there …


  • Colby Rasmus: .417 AVG (5-for-12) lifetime vs. Reds starter Johnny Cueto
  • Alex Rodriguez: .600 AVG (6-for-10) since ’05 vs. White Sox starter Freddy Garcia
  • Adrian Gonzalez: .778 AVG (7-for-9) lifetime vs. Brewers starter Dave Bush


  • Matt Kemp: .389 AVG (7-for-18) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Zach Duke
  • Ryan Howard: .435 AVG (10-for-23) lifetime vs. Mets starter Mike Pelfrey
  • Bobby Abreu: .533 AVG (8-for-15) since ’05 vs. Tigers starter Jeremy Bonderman


  • Troy Tulowitzki: .417 AVG (5-for-12) lifetime vs. Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez
  • Joe Mauer: .429 AVG (6-for-14) lifetime vs. Indians starter David Huff
  • Joey Votto: .455 AVG (5-for-11) lifetime vs. Cardinals starter Chris Carpenter

Feeling kinda spicy?


  • Tony Abreu: .500 AVG (4-for-8) lifetime vs. Cubs starter Randy Wells. Want to risk it all on the “other” Abreu?


  • Greg Dobbs: .538 AVG (7-for-13) lifetime vs. Mets starter Mike Pelfrey. Have you seen Pelfrey’s numbers this year???


  • Henry Blanco: .625 AVG (5-for-8) lifetime vs. Phillies starter Jamie Moyer. Backup catcher, anyone?

You’ll thank me later …


  • Billy Butler: .000 AVG (0-for-7) lifetime vs. Rays starter Jeff Niemann


  • Nick Markakis: .000 AVG (0-for-12) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter Daisuke Matsuzaka


  • Johnny Damon: .182 AVG (4-for-22) lifetime vs. Angels starter Jered Weaver

Hey, look at who’s on the leaderboard!

The fab five is still alive, as the following five users sit atop our leaderboard with 26-game streaks and are 45.6 percent on their way to bathing in bottled Voss water for the rest of their lives. Just because they can:

  • ALbundy
  • djbloom
  • dodger_blue
  • kot2
  • olifante

Top MLB streakers

Six players are tied with eight-game streaks.


I’m going to change to somebody in that Cub-Diamondback game going by what Drag said for HR BTS. I have Ichiro tonight as the numbers MLB have on him aren’t accurate against Lewis. He’s hitting .400 against Lewis in his career. Got the info from ESPN. He’s also hitting righties at a .400 clip so I love my odds and he’s hitting .382 at night so tonight is my Ichi night.

Mauer for W5 today.

Professor Pete: Should I Box my Super Perfecta or just bet the nags straight like you have it for those four horses?
Ryan Theriot is my pick of the day. Went outside and the wind is howling from the S in ChiTown. Anyone standing the the batters box today can hit one out. I’m sticking with Cubs Derrek Lee to go yard.

Logic is this game is soemthing that doesn’t always pan out. Last season I had a 8 game streak with just John MacDonald and Greg Zaun… makes absolutely no sense.. but anything can happen in this crazy game. Ichiro will never get 57 straight games with a hit.. so people taking him 90% of the time are just gonna be disapointed. Have fun take some chances.. and who knows.. you might get lucky.

Putting my hopes and dreams in Ryan Theriot today lol….good luck to all!!!! Let’s see if the Fab 5 can survive another weekend. šŸ™‚ P.S. I like the new “rule”, courtesy of the Blog Master.

Putting my hopes and dreams in Ryan Theriot today lol….good luck to all!!!! Let’s see if the Fab 5 can survive another weekend. šŸ™‚ P.S. I like the new “rule”, courtesy of the Blog Master.

Professor Pete’s Silver Bullet Special Lock of a Lifetime:

For Friday, in Saint Petersburg, Fla.: Evan Longoria

For Saturday,* in Louisville, Ky.: 1. Devil May Care; 2. American Lion; 3. Lookin at Lucky; 4. Noble’s Promise

*subject to change

I went with Fukudome today in HR BTS. I hope it’s a good choice.

I picked Adrian Gonzalez.

I had Adrian in the HR BTS but changed as what Dragbunt was saying swayed me so hopefully it’s a good thing I changed.

“Logic is this game is soemthing that doesn’t always pan out. Last season I had a 8 game streak with just John MacDonald and Greg Zaun… makes absolutely no sense.. but anything can happen in this crazy game. Ichiro will never get 57 straight games with a hit.. so people taking him 90% of the time are just gonna be disapointed. Have fun take some chances.. and who knows.. you might get lucky.”

What you said makes perfect sense. You can’t rely on a few people in order to get to 57. People rely on Ichiro most of the time and it makes no sense. People are relying on Kemp a lot and eventually it will bite them. Good luck to the top guys and you have to take chances early. I wouldn’t say take a chance if your at 35 and over but you might have to to get to 57. I took a shot on Rasmus yesterday and he was a perfect 2 for 2 but I will go back to him eventually but when I feel the matchup is right.

I got the Cubs-Diamondbacks game on MLB network right now. Good luck to the guys who picked Theriot.

Wow don think I’d have the guts to take Theriot with 20+ streak but all the best. I went with Kemp.

Oh yes!!! Thank you Dragbunt for the advice. Fukudome just hit a home run for the first hit for the Cubs and I’m back at 1 in HR BTS.

I have got Martin Prado today. If he gets a hit my streak will be back to 3 games, ever since Jeter 3 days ago ruined my streak.

vinny1979 – Bold choice with Fukadome pays off for you! He is very streaky and is hitting well lately. He will be starting in RF until AZ pitches a lefty and then he sits.
Theriot is also hitting well and ours streaks advance on him.
450 blankin’ channels with ATT and I don’t get the Cub game today! Vinny how much does it cost to MLB network?
I’ll let you know what weather in Chgo is like in the AM on Sat. Wind may shift and take away our HR potential.

Found the Cub game on Channel 741 bottom of the 8th Cubs’ Geovany Soto and Marlon Byrd go yard back to back. Wrigley is rockin’ Byrd’s HR blast landed on Waveland Ave. which runs behind the LF bleachers!
Derrek Lee now up and he reaches on an error!
Good factoid to know:
Per Cub announcers: AZ relievers are allowing opponents a .350 batting avg this season.

What was with those birds?!?!? šŸ™‚

The HR BTS is actually the easiest to find a decent strategy for, but it requires the most significant time investment and the payoff is not that high.

My strategy consisted of 3 parts, but it normally took about an hour to hour and a half to sift through everything and there are days when the strategy comes up with nothing for that day and then I have to comb the injury reports and press releases looking for a guy who is not going to play that day.

Furcal would be a good guy for that, during the next few days.

That is why any day, I saw a press release that a player was going on the DL, I would dash over to the pick screen and load up on that player for the next 10 days, before he gets removed from the pick screen, because once you have a guy put into the system, they cannot take it away from you.

I’m goin for a 3 game win streak and a 1 game hit streak 2night.

There was one guy though on Survivor that I think could make a run at 57 if he tried his hand at BTS.

That was the guy who recorded the 35-game win streak back in 2008.

That was a magical 6 weeks with nearly the entire front page going from 25 to 32 in the final week, but the top guy normally had a different pick from everyone else, but his team CONSISTENTLY would win blowouts, with many games being 7-0 by the 3rd inning!

He and many others ended up losing on a blown save by Joe Nathan, when he gave up an unearned run in the 9th and the Twins eventually lost in the 11th.

I don’t pay a dime for MLB Network Drag. It’s included in my package with Cablevision. I love that channel as I get to see games I otherwise wouldn’t. Survivor is easier than HR BTS as you only need to pick the team but that is tricky too since the one you think is a sure bet loses. Anyway I love Ichi but I hate having to wait til 10:10 for the game to start. I have Jeter on my other name to try to get to 5 with that one. I’m loving and I have a lot of different sources I use now but now I need to start my run in BTS.

“I’m goin for a 3 game win streak and a 1 game hit streak 2night.”

Joe, who do you have in Survivor tonight? I have the Dodgers as Pirates are bad.

I got Andy Pettitte and the Yankees winning 2night.

Morton who’s pitching for the Pirates 2night is 0-4 with a 16.20 ERA, LOL.

Good luck with the Dodgers.

Good choice and Yanks will win but tomorrow stay away from Jeter against Danks.

I had a hard time deciding today between Prado and Theriot. Decided I couldn’t go wrong either way and took Theriot. Still think Prado will come through but I’m glad that I already know I’m up to 19 now!! And I just looked back at my streak so far and noticed that I’ve taken 12 different players during it.

I never really strongly considered Prado, since I think he is at the tail end of his hot streak.

He was hitting well over .400 for much of the front 2/3 of the month, but is now hitting “only” .360.

It just seems to be a matter of time before he actually burns someone.

Jeter came through already on my other name and got a single in his first AB tonight so I’m at 5 on my other name not this one.

Well Longoria just homered with his first at-bat. congrats to two and now the other 3 have to wait till 10pm games

Jeter is killing it at home this year. Was at .500 before tonight’s game but that went up. I may switch back to him tomorrow. I switched to Braun in SD.

I love it when my guy hits a home run in his first AB (Longoria). It’s like, I only need one but what the hell.

After losing on Pedroia a couple of days ago, I remembered why I hated and had vowed never to pick Yankees/Sox

That’s right. Ichiro extended me to 5 with his first inning infield single. It may not be much but it’s a single.

Just an FYI – split stats a bit more comprehensive than MLB. For example – Matt Kemp is a pick for tomorrow but is only hitting .200 in the last 7 days. SI had that stat; MLB did not. Not sure if anyone is using but I thought that was an interesting find. Good luck to everyone this weekend!!!

vinny1979 – Take a hard look at that Danks v. Jeter matchup. Do you really want to go there? Danks is a crafty lefty, I know Jeter hits well at home and it is a day game too. How about Pedroia v. Bergensen of O’s or someone against Reds Homer Bailey?

Nardberg I use ESPN and ESPN has the same stuff that SI has. They have last 7 days as well and Drag I’m not even touching that game. I changed from Jeter to Braun as I know that Danks is pitching fantastic right now and I’m sticking with Braun tomorrow.

Narberg – At the site – how do you navigate past the home page to get hitting info on the last 7 days?

I feel bad for the person who has a 24 game streak and was riding Pujols tonight. Pujols is officially 0 for 1 and there in a rain delay in the 6th with the Cards trailing. If they call that game a lot of people will lose streaks because of Pujols. Sucky way to lose it but those are the risks of this contest.

wooo Ethier just homered me to 25 game streak. Now I need Kemp and Sandoval to get shutdown. Also pujols is 0-1 in an official game rain delay, wow that would be heartbreaking for cruj. This is now officially exciting, 32 more to go.

vinny – thanks for that info as well. I’m leaning towards Pablo Sandoval. Votto another disaster for the last 7 days. I agree with drag – am not crazy about the Yankee game tomorrow either.
drag – am very gun shy with Pedroia lately. He has burned a lot of us, me included!! I know he hit today, but I think he’s just too inconsistent.

Your welcome Nard. If you google quick splits for any player it’s either the first or second thing that comes up. ESPN is very good and they update every single night.

drag – go to; navigate to MLB and then to stats. You’ll see the hitting leaders on the left side. Click a player and then go into his seasonal batting splits. Last 7 days is about halfway down right past the innings part. Let me know if you still can’t find it. šŸ™‚

Nard, I think that’s too much work. At least on ESPN you have all the important stuff on the one page and if you want more info you click on complete splits. I use many sources like I said to make sure I am making the correct pick.

I see what you mean. You can bookmark the page as well. I think your idea of several sources is a good one…. šŸ™‚

Thank you Nardberg and they just showed Kemp’s AB on MLB Network and he struck out so he’s 0 for 2 so far. They are showing the Padres/Brewers game on MLB Network tomorrow night so I can see how Braun does but he did get another hit tonight.

Drag, I answered your email.

You’re welcome!! Hope this helped……

It did help but looks like AL Bundy has one more shot to extend with Kemp as he is 0 for 3 with 3 Ks so far. In the 6th inning.

Look’s like A. Gonzalez is going to go 0-3………..

Kemp ended a lot of streaks even a few on the first page like Al Bundy with his 0 for 4 and he won’t be batting again. It was a long streak so it was a good one. I think there are 3 left that are still perfect.

Figuring out which team I should pick to win 2morrow.

I had the Twins but switched to the Rays. Price has been pitching great and pitched a Complete game in his last game Joseph.

Roy Halladay, don’t let me down 2morrow.

good run AL Bundy. I switched to eithier last night instead of Kemp, shewwww. I thought Phil hellmuth was the only one who could dodge bullets.

Ichiro for my hitter
Phillies on Survivor

“Just an FYI – split stats a bit more comprehensive than MLB. For example – Matt Kemp is a pick for tomorrow but is only hitting .200 in the last 7 days. SI had that stat; MLB did not. Not sure if anyone is using but I thought that was an interesting find. Good luck to everyone this weekend!!!”

If you click on a players’ name in the box score, you go to a page that gives his last 10 games listed in a box-line format and then a total at the bottom.

I prefer this format, because then you can see how many of those 10 games were successes and see if any 5 for 5’s or 0 for 7’s are inflating/deflating his average.

Good Morning from Boston…. Second time this year going with a home town pick. Pedroia at O’s.. Batting 667 against Bergerson and he has a 12.19 ERA….Back to 3 – Sorry for albundy. Good Luck every one

hi dan – be careful with those high ERAs – twice i fell for that and twice the pitcher wound up taking a no hitter into the 5-6th innings. good luck! šŸ™‚ (OMG did i just help a red sox fan????….ewwwwwww)

Saturday Chicago – Nice weather – 10 – 20 mph wind blowing out toward centerfield today. Will help fly balls but not like yesterday – Also Haren is starter for AZ. Silva starting for Cubs and he is doing well. HR BTS pick of the day, Paul Konerko is hot and it is a day game at the stadium with Vazquez on the bump for NYY. Going with TB in Survivor. BTS is TBA.
Professor Pete – Track is wet at Chruchill Downs – Are you sticking with your picks from yesterday? I havent bet my Tri-box yet.

I have Longoria in HR BTS. I have Tampa in Survivor and I have Braun in BTS. Love all my picks.

You’ve got to love the blog guys! Yankee fans helping Red Sox fans, nest thing you know Cub fans will be helping ChiSox fans!
Great info on this site:
You can see whose very hot as it shows batting averages during the longest hitting streaks.

Baseball Musings Day By Day Database, Current Hit Streaks
Through Games of 04/30/2010
Player Games At Bats Runs Hits HR RBI BB K BA OBA Slug%
Ryan Theriot 10 47 9 22 0 8 2 5 .468 .490 .553
Pablo Sandoval 10 39 4 17 1 5 4 1 .436 .488 .590
Ryan Doumit 10 34 4 16 2 8 2 7 .471 .514 .765
Jeff Mathis 10 34 5 11 1 3 2 7 .324 .351 .500
Robinson Cano 9 36 10 18 4 8 1 3 .500 .526 .917
Chris Snyder 9 34 7 11 3 7 5 8 .324 .410 .647
Corey Hart 9 35 4 10 2 6 4 5 .286 .350 .514
Mike Fontenot 8 31 3 9 0 3 1 2 .290 .324 .355
Orlando Hudson 7 33 7 13 0 4 3 4 .394 .444 .424
Adrian Beltre 7 26 3 13 0 3 4 3 .500 .567 .577
Evan Longoria 7 28 8 13 2 5 2 6 .464 .484 .786
Kevin Kouzmanoff 7 28 3 10 0 7 1 4 .357 .379 .393
Jason Bay 7 25 6 9 1 5 4 4 .360 .448 .760
Carlos Guillen 7 25 2 9 0 3 4 2 .360 .448 .480
Conor Jackson 7 30 2 9 0 2 3 4 .300 .364 .333
Ryan Sweeney 7 29 7 9 0 2 1 5 .310 .333 .379
Carlos Gonzalez 6 25 5 10 2 10 2 2 .400 .429 .760
Christopher Coghlan 6 25 5 9 0 1 2 9 .360 .407 .360
David Eckstein 6 26 3 9 0 4 0 1 .346 .370 .385
Bengie Molina 6 23 2 9 0 0 3 1 .391 .462 .391
Player Games At Bats Runs Hits HR RBI BB K BA OBA Slug%
Mitch Maier 6 19 1 8 0 5 4 2 .421 .522 .737
Milton Bradley 6 20 3 7 0 3 3 5 .350 .435 .550
Ichiro Suzuki 5 24 2 11 0 1 0 1 .458 .458 .500
Albert Pujols 5 18 4 11 1 3 3 0 .611 .667 .889
Jacoby Ellsbury 5 25 6 10 0 1 0 3 .400 .400 .560
Jorge Cantu 5 18 3 8 1 3 2 4 .444 .476 .722
Ryan Braun 5 22 5 7 0 0 4 2 .318 .423 .409
Ronny Paulino 5 21 2 7 1 3 0 3 .333 .333 .524
Jerry Hairston 5 23 3 6 0 4 1 4 .261 .292 .304
Erick Aybar 5 22 4 6 1 1 0 0 .273 .273 .455
Eric Young Jr. 5 14 5 6 0 3 2 2 .429 .500 .500
Craig Counsell 5 14 0 6 0 1 1 2 .429 .467 .714
Jose Reyes 5 21 5 5 0 2 0 1 .238 .238 .238
Adam Moore 5 18 2 5 0 1 1 5 .278 .316 .389
Sticking with Pedroia today –

Professor Pete’s Sloppy Second Thoughts:

In Cleveland; Orlando Hudson.
In Miami; Jorge Cantu.
In Louisville, Ky.; 1. American Lion; 2. Ice Box; 3. Lookin at Lucky; 4. Devil May Care.

Hmm, HanRam’s only hitting .200 in the last 10. Podsednik has some crazy splits but only .162 at night. Kung-fu Panda time against one of those new guys that so often likes to torment us…? Unless someone wants to take on Pudge and his ridiculous numbers…

Professor Pete:
Brutal weather forcast for the Derby! Severe t-Storms and hail!
In Louisville: My Tri Boxes are locked in, missed you last post!
Tri Box – Super Saver, American Lion, Paddy OPrado, Devil May Care (I like the baseball reference with O’Prado!)
Tri Box #2 – Nobel’s Promise, American Lion, Devil May Care
To Win: Super Saver by a nose.
On the West Coast: Pablo Sandoval
On the East Coast: Dustin Pedroia

My picks for today –

Beat The Streak: Ichiro Suzuki

Survivor: Philadelphia Phillies

Lesson on the “Man From Japan”
1. He is now age 36.
2. Played Friday in a night game and Sat in a day game.
3. Faced a lefty on Sat.
Result = 0-4 for Ichirio
Professor PetePerkins – I had the Derby winner. Tri was 4-2-10 no go there! Maybe I’ll break even!
Pedroia goes deep in first v. Bergensen (I hope!)

Mauer not starting, might not even PH, with bruised heel ( not a good injury for a catcher)

wowww Joe Maurer is out with a bruised heel, Ive picked him tonight with a 25 gamer on the line. Does anyone know if he is available to pinch hit tonight or is the injury to bad, any Twins fans wanna speak up?

Ichiro 0-for4. i am back to flipping Zero again.
I swear this is the 2nd or 3rd time he has killed me already this year

Ichiro just killed 10% of ppl, damn walks in the 9th. Good luck to all and here’s hoping Mauer doesnt pinch hit tonight. I’ve got Braun to start me again.

Naturally I went to switch from Sandoval to Cantu with a minute to go… my internet stops working and Panda goes 0-4, only starter without a hit!
I hate life. I really do.

Phillies won 10-0, I now got my season high 4 game win streak !

Did anyone see that hanley ramirez ground ball. they called it an error even though the guy never touched the ball just slipped on a routine grounder. Good for me I need to catch the guys at the top, but if I were them I’d be pissed.

announcers said it was called an error, but cbs sportsline has hanley 1-1 hmmmm controversy.

well hanley doubles in 2nd ab there goes the controversy about the error call in the 1st

pedroia now 0-3 ut oh

And Pedroia strikes out in the 9th. There goes my 19-gamer. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I’m taking Jeter on Sunday in BTS. Have a 6 gamer and looking to keep it going with Buerhle.

Nardberg… How right you are ! Second time that I went with the ERA and got killed…Imagine 12 hits by the Sox and Pedroia goes 0-5. Back to ZERO again. Maybe I should join the Yanks for a while…

I banked on Pedroia because I was thinking too much on the numbers. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. I almost picked Kemp yesterday when he went 0-4 but thought the GM media attention might be wearing on him. The 5-year avg stat is overrated IMO. I’m sticking with righty vs lefty matchups, visiting players only, night games only, and 1 to 4 in the batting order. . . . and pitcher’s opponent’s BA over .300 for pitchers ERA over 5.00 for games played in sunny cities.

lol, if you are going to stick to night games only, then you will have to pick in the Mets / Phillies game tonight, of which I see no good picks.

What bothers me the most is that I had a system going strong for the last 7 days that churned out another winning pick yesterday, but I threw it out, because I kept looking at all of this talk about splits here and he had really bad splits.

Even if you wanted to throw that out because there is a bug in the system sometimes that overinflates the values of some picks, the next level down had 3 more picks and they went 3 for 3.

But no, I went to the 3rd level to pluck Abreu, because he had perfect splits.

And now, I just threw an 8-game hit streak out the window for that.

Sticking to the system today.

Morning gents, going with Mourneau today. GL to all

And Min in survivor.

Taking Jeter against Buehrle today. 0.333 5 year avg, daygame, L/R matchup, and Buehrle simply hasn’t had his good stuff outside of opening day. From a WSox fan.

Ryan Theriot in the 1st at Wrigley Field.
Good Luck to all today.
Buherle of ChiSox can bring his A game on any given day.

Yippy, Morneau is already good( upto 2) and Min (survivor) already up 2-0.

Jeter. First AB single (surprise). Streak finally to double digits.

My picks for 2day –

Survivor: Minnesota Twins

Beat the streak: Joe Mauer ( Out of line up )

Ryan Theriot singles in the first at Wrigley Field – Some days you get lucky. Wow Alfonso Soriano who is freaky-streaky just went deep to put me on the board in HR BTS too.
Professor Pete – We had the derby trifecta when combining our picks = Super Saver, Ice Box and Paddy O’Prado but you know horse racing cudda’, wudda and shudda’. I’m assuming the Levi Ghetto cats are eating dry food from the bag today and not feasting on canned tuna.
I remember a blog comment from last week: Magglio Ordonez owns Scott Baker of MN – guess whose pitching for MN v. Tigers on Monday.

Twins win !

I finally got my season high 5 game win streak.

I have Cano tomorrow as he killed the Orioles last weekend and I see a repeat happening over the next three days. You want to hear something funny. I picked Fukudome to start my HR BTS on Friday and he came through. I had Longoria yesterday and he failed and today I had Cano and he came through. If Longoria would of hit a HR yesterday I would have a 3 game streak in HR BTS but I’m hoping to continue with my one.

Dragbunt, Ichiro has hit lefties all year and those performances proved it. I’m staying away from him when he faces lefties. I’m at 7 but going with Cano who hit Baltimore great last week so I’m hoping for the same again.

Lesson from the Far East:
Sunday – Day game – Lefty v. Ichirio and he goes 0-5. The Man from Japan goes 0-9 in back to back day games v. lefties. My advise to Seattle manager: Sit him once and a while it’s a long season. Monday: Locked and loaded with Magglio Ordonez who was hitless on Sat and Sunday. When your streak is at one you can roll the dice freely.
Tuesday – Watch for Cubs at Pittsburg. Soriano is on a major roll and would be a good choice in HR BTS. Bucs starter Malholm is a lefty and Soriano has 3 career HR’s v. Malholm in 18 at bats. Also Ryan Theriot is still on a roll for BTS or Soriano for BTS too.

I like your thinking on Cano. I’m going with him on Monday.
Ordonez was 0-fer the weekend and Professor peteperkins would say something like – momentum is not going in Ordonez’s favor stay away.

I meant to put Ichiro HASN’T hit lefties all year. LOL. My bad!!

Can someone please clarify to this newbie? Why didn’t the current streaks with Joe Mauer picks end on Sat, and why would 13% pick him again for Sun when he didn”t play? I thought part of the edge to this BTS was keeping alert on the rosters up to 5 mins prior to first MLB game. Please enlighten me, thanks!

Ok Drag. I’m hoping I can keep this up and get to 20, 30, 40 or more but I’m going to take it one day at a time.

Lala, if the person you pick doesn’t play at all your streak will not end. If he doesn’t start and comes in and pinch hits and goes 0 for 1 your streak ends. I’m staying away from Mauer as I had him on May 6th but switched since I don’t even know if he is going to be playing.

Vinny – thanks for clarification. . . . I re-read the rules and understand the distinction is being alert when a player is removed from an active team roster due to injury. . . . not day-to-day injury.

CC Sabathia and the Yankees tomorrow for my 6th straight win in a row, hopefully !

Right now it’s drizzling in NY but it could get worse as the day goes on so I’m going to watch it closely about that Yankee game tonight. So watch the new blog when it goes up later for my update.

READ yesterday on ESPN story that said Mauer is Week to Week

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