Beat the Streak Report: Monday, May 3



Sunday was funday, as nine of the day’s Top 10 choices either got hits or didn’t play (Joe Mauer), allowing for most of our streakers to live another day.

Ichiro was the biggest bearer of bad news, as Mr. BTS went 0-for-5 to press the reset button on 3.4 percent of all streaks.

I’m not done with Ichiro just yet. For as long as I can remember, Ichiro was the kingpin in the Beat the Streak hierarchy, the head honcho of the BTS brigade, the old reliable who we all … relied on.

But, it’s time to at least consider that Ichiro turns 37 this season (37!) and might not have that backbreaking speed that allowed him to leg out those infield dribblers for most of his career. Also, he’s now gone hitless in seven of the Mariners’ 25 games, which is to say, you’ve had a better than one-in-four chance of having your streak snapped if you’ve chosen Ichiro.

That’s not good.

To be fair, the lifetime .333 hitter is also a lifetime .299 hitter for April, so let’s just hope he’s off to just another slow start.

But at the very least, put the above trinkets in your back pocket and save them for a rainy day.

Time for Monday’s picks:

Oh, hello there …

  • Alex Rios: .571 AVG (12-for-21) lifetime vs. Royals starter Gil Meche
  • Magglio Ordonez: .489 AVG (22-for-45) lifetime vs. Twins starter Scott Baker
  • Nick Swisher: .476 AVG (10-for-21) lifetime vs. Orioles starter Jeremy Guthrie
  • Ian Kinsler: .400 AVG (4-for-10) lifetime vs. A’s starter Dallas Braden

Feeling kinda spicy?

  • Garrett Atkins: .625 AVG (5-for-8) lifetime vs. Yankees starter CC Sabathia. I’m gonna say this one just isn’t a very good idea, ‘k?

You’ll thank me later …

  • Albert Pujols: .125 AVG (1-for-8) lifetime vs. Phillies starter Joe Blanton
  • Kevin Youkilis: .222 AVG (4-for-18) lifetime vs. Angels starter Joe Saunders
  • Dexter Fowler: .000 AVG (0-for-9) lifetime vs. Padres starter Kevin Correia

Leaderboard time!

And then there were three.

The weekend eliminated two from atop our leaderboard, leaving us with three top dogs reigning supreme with 29-game streaks. With that said, the following three BTSers are 50.9 percent on their way to having one of those licorice dispensers from “Wayne’s World” in their cars. Just because they can.

  • dodger_blue
  • kot2
  • olifante

Top MLB streakers


  1. vinny1979

    I’m taking Cano to keep the ship rolling tonight. He went 8 for 13 against Baltimore last week so I know he will continue to hit against them over the next 3 days. It will rain tonight but they will start that game.

  2. nardberg

    I like Cano for tonight as well but how’s the weather??? …..vinny you’re in NYC area, right??? My Yankee-loving brother is there and told me the rain is pretty bad right now……. 😦

  3. kenfucious

    Keeping a close eye on east coast weather. If the Bronx looks crummy, I’ll be leaning toward Damon or Asdrubal. Looking for 14.

  4. vinny1979

    I live in the BX Nard and it’s not raining currently. It might rain later but as of now it’s not raining. I’m keeping an eye on it for my bloggers to let you know what the story is and I will update all day today.

  5. nardberg

    thanks – hopefully it will move out. He was in lower-Westchester about an hour ago. Maybe it will improve. I was considering Alex Rios as a backup pick and now I see he’s in today’s blog. I’d like to stick with Cano though but not if it starts raining again. thanks again for the weather updates!!

  6. dragbunt104

    Out of the box pick for tonight:
    Paul Konderko of ChiSox
    Home game in Chgo
    On a hitting streak too
    KC pitcher is not good tonight.
    Negative – May rain
    Has 12 Hr’s including one yesterday in NY.
    Take him for HR BTS at least.

  7. nardberg

    I take back my backup choice (Alex Rios.) Add’s stats not giving me the warm, fuzzy feeling. If NY weather is not good, I may follow dragbunt’s advice. 🙂

  8. dragbunt104

    HR BTS Monday
    40% chance of scattered T-Storms in Chgo
    Wind blowing WSW at 15 mph – blowing out toward left field at US Cellular Field. This is HR wind for right handed hitters!
    I’m locked in on Konerko for HR BTS.

  9. rip2thecompetition

    Going a little out of my norm with this pick, hope it doesn’t bite me in the ***, ridin’ with Austin Jackson.


    Im going with Ryan Braun tonight to get me back up to 6. I would be at 16 right now if Jeter didn’t break my streak up last week. JETER.

  11. vinny1979

    Drag, I love you said that about Konerko. I have him in HR BTS tonight as he looked good even before you said what you said.

  12. vinny1979

    Professor Pete you crack me up everytime I see you post man. I like your thinking on Jackson but still love Cano for tonight.


    Professor Pete’s Silver Bullet Lock of a Lifetime: Austin Jackson, Detroit. He is on fire. And unlike most mortals, who roll around on the ground and scream like little girls when they’re on fire, rookie leadoff hitter Jackson has swung through the smoke and seared flesh for 13 hits in 23 at-bats (.565) during his current five-game hitting steak. Though he’s right-handed, Jackson has hit .434 against right-handed pitchers this season, and is 1 of 2 against Minnesota right-hander Scott Baker, tonight’s starter. Baker has given up 36 hits in 26-1/3 innings this season, and 19 in his last 9-2/3s. Jackson is second in the bigs at .367 and has hit in 22 of 25 games (the only major-league games he has ever played). All that keeps this from being a Lock of Two or More Lifetimes is that Jackson has hit only .154 (4 singles in 26 chances) against left-handers, and Minnesota’s two left-handed relievers Brian Duensing and Ron Mahoy have combined to give up a total of 13 hits in 18-2/3 innings. Still, Rip2, this shouldn’t be the sort of pick that goes against your norm, and I do believe your butt is safe from bites (though perhaps not from Jackson’s flames).

  14. kenfucious

    epic post, Professor Pete! I’m still thinking Damo the leftie, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see a hit parade unfold up in Minnie.

  15. dragbunt104

    Rain passed by Chicago
    Wind blowing out toward left field at US Cellular Field aka ‘The Cell.” WSW 15 mph.
    Konerko looks good and if they would let me pick twice I’d take Alex Rios too.
    Professor Pete – Austin Jackson looks solid tonight. Your post is very helpful. I hope Jackson goes 5 – 5. Who did you take in HR BTS?
    Sticking with Vinny advice and taking Cano.

  16. vinny1979

    Rain is holding up in the BX right now and Cano hit 8 for 13 against the O’s last week and 1 for 2 against Guthrie on Wed with a home run so you know Cano is going to get a hit tonight. I love him over the next 3 days but I’m not taking him all 3 days. Thank you Drag, Cano looks like a lock for tonight.

  17. vinny1979

    Here’s more info on Cano. He’s hitting .455 over his last 11 games with 5 HRs and 11 RBIs.


    Now that my 19-gamer is over, the pressure’s off and I can just relax. I’m taking to get Cano to get to (drum roll, please) 2!

  19. rip2thecompetition

    I don’t really care about the bullpen in my picks. Most likely they face the starter 3 out of 4 at-bats…& if they don’t it means the team beat up on the starter & got into their bullpen early.

  20. vinny1979

    Holy Moly!!! Did anybody see the top team in Survivor picked is the Yankees with 59.1%. WOW!!!


    The Yankees win and Nick Swisher goes 3-3 with a walk.

    I now got a 1 game hit streak and a 6 game win streak !

  22. dragbunt104

    NYY usual big guns got shot down tonight!
    Jeter, Cano, Posada and recently hot Tiexiera.
    Back to the drawing board

  23. vinny1979

    It’s ok Drag. I feel your pain but I had a 7 game streak. Will start it up again tomorrow and just go from there.

  24. backrubs

    and then there were TWO..
    Thats right only two people are still perfect and start tomorrow at 30

  25. vinny1979

    I should of went with Swisher as he was hot but oh well. I will get back to 1 with Cano tomorrow.

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