Beat the Streak Report: May 10




It was a nightmare on Elm Street this weekend atop our BTS leaderboard, as our two top streakers, “olifante” and “bowl218” saw their streaks snap Friday night thanks to Hanley Ramirez’s hitless performance.

Was Hanley my top pick for Friday? Yes, yes, he was.

Sorry kids, you get what you pay for.

Our lone ranger atop the leaderboard now is “cruj”, who is currently rocking a 33-game streak thanks to Jayson Werth’s 1-for-3 day at the yard yesterday.

With “cruj” at 33 games, he is officially 57.9 percent on his way to buying one of the over-sized gigantic walking pianos like from the movie “Big”.

Just because he can.

Time for Monday’s picks.


Oh, hello there …

? Stephen Drew: .410 AVG (16-for-39) lifetime vs. Dodgers starter Chad Billingsley

? Joey Votto: .800 AVG (4-for-5) lifetime vs. Pirates starter Ross Ohlendorf

? Brian McCann: .364 AVG (4-for-11) lifetime vs. Brewers starter Doug Davis

? Russell Martin: .500 AVG (4-for-8) lifetime vs. D-backs starter Rodrigo Lopez


Feeling kinda spicy?

? Ronny Paulino: .538 AVG (7-for-13) lifetime vs. Cubs starter Ted Lilly. Backup catcher much?


You’ll thank me later …

? Hanley Ramirez: .100 AVG (1-for-10) lifetime vs. Cubs starter Ted Lilly

? Aaron Hill: .083 AVG (1-for-12) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter John Lackey

? Cristian Guzman: .000 AVG (0-for-13) lifetime vs. Mets starter John Maine


Leaderboard time!

A full nine games behind “cruj” is “jonnygoska”, who currently sits with a 24-game streak. Good luck with that.


Top MLB streakers

? Brett Gardner: 11 games

? Alex Rios: 11 games

? Jeff Mathis: 10 games (DL)

? Elvis Andrus: 10 games

? Austin Jackson: 10 games






  1. vinman28

    Well I got two names. On my this name I have Ryan Braun and on my Vinny1979 name I have Carl Crawford.

  2. 00liber

    Happy Monday gents, going polanco. And maybe Yankees.?? What’s the scoop out there in yankeeland today vinny?

  3. schenk015

    Us tiger fans are gaining trust in willis with his recent performances but im not sure what will happen against the yankee offense. if he commands the strike zone he will be fine and being at home will also help. i think you should stay away from the tigers yankees game tonight


    I am picking M. Cabrera of the tigers today and tomorrow. The yanks have 2 lousy starters for both games-Mitre whos not a starter, and vazquez enough said..

  5. 11mvp

    Hey vinman28, you might want to restate your picks, the rules are pretty clear about having only ONE game per-person. So, just in case you make the number, you might want to say, your pick and the wife’s, son’s, daughter’s, mother-in law… etc… you get the idea. for 3 million, you better believe these guys are going to make sure ALL the rules are followed.


    Yea, dont be surprised if you win and they dont give you the mone. and thats not really fair to the rest of us who are playing fair.

  7. dragbunt104

    Carl Crawford v. Garza today – tough match up there.
    Ryan Braun is still hot. How about him?
    Sergio Mitre was with Cubs a few years ago and I’m still amazed that he is around. He has some good days.

  8. dragbunt104

    Carl Crawford v. Garza today – tough match up there.
    Ryan Braun is still hot. How about him?
    Sergio Mitre was with Cubs a few years ago and I’m still amazed that he is around. He has some good days.

  9. nardberg

    I wondered about that as well because my husband was playing (no longer is) but I don’t think vinny is doing anything wrong. Eligibility doesn’t say anything other than being of legal age with valid email/internet access. Nothing there about one per household that I can see. The exclusions come for employees of MLB and anyone connected to them lol……or am I missing something???? Going with Votto – good luck everyone!!


    it says: Limit one (1) registration per person and per unique email address, regardless of method of registration. In case of multiple registrations received from any person or email address, only the first registration received from such person or email address will be considered.

  11. vinman28

    But you see I use two different email addresses for BTS so I’m legally able to do that. I think Yanks are going to hit Willis good tonight as Willis isn’t the same as he was in Fl.


    are your accounts under 2 different names? the tigers are going to hit mitre good tonight.

  13. 11mvp

    Hey Vinman28… I guess the blog guy now has another way to use the 3 Million, you can spend it on the lawyer who is going to try and get you the money… lol BTW, it’s the “AND” that will get you.

  14. vinny1979

    Let’s talk the game please. I’m using this account from now on than since this is my original one I used at the beginning of the year and I have Cabrera tonight to try to get it back to 1.


    Anybody else playing Survivor 2010 and having errors when picking a team? I have the issue on 2 computers since Sat, and not sure if it is my ID or Thanks

  16. darwri

    1 account.. my whole family has accounts including my friends.. but like said.. no more then 1 per person… they will take that 3 million back so fast

  17. nardberg

    abk is right…….thanks for the clarification. Survivor is working again, too. Here’s a game tip – avoid who I pick. 🙂

  18. lavolpe

    Survivor is working again for me too, at least on another pc outside of my household; will have to wait til I get home to see if it works there now. A shame really, for 3 days (at least for me), Survivor prevented me from making/changing picks. I’m only glad I didn’t have a 10+ winning streak during those 3 days else I’d be up in arms.

  19. backrubs

    im taking crawford and the rays.
    thought about prado but he is in too big a slump for my liking

  20. nardberg

    Have Votto for BTS and Toronto for Survivor. Random pick there because I’m at 0. 🙂 Had Jeter/Rays yesterday. I have the anti-Midas touch lately lol……anyone see how Braden and his granny are still talking about A-Rod??? You would think they’d better things to do considering the huge milestone. Geez……

  21. kenfucious

    I still cannot log into Survivor. I’ve tried 3 different browsers on 2 separate machines. Is anybody else having issues yet?

    I’d really like to be able to play. The error I receive is simply ‘undefined’.

  22. lavolpe

    Ken, I had the exact same problem for 3 straight days. As I mentioned earlier, I got to it on a pc outside my household and waiting til later to see if I still get the error inside my house. If error continues, it may be ISP related? Firewall? or something else network related. I tried different browsers, different pcs, clearing cookies/history, registry cleaners and a few other things that didn’t change the outcome. Besides being on pc outside the home this time, what is different is that my future picks were all used up today & that I thought could be part of the bug/problem; won’t know til I get home & will post my findings then.

  23. lavolpe

    Ken et al, got home and logged into Survivor, the error is now gone. I even picked one day in advance and error remained at bay. So, for me, appears bug has been squashed.

  24. backrubs

    Tigers have changed pitchers. hope everyone is aware of this. saw on ESPN crawl the rays have 90K in the last seven games and a teambatting average of less than 200

  25. kenfucious

    Thanks, Lavolpevb

    Alas, the error remains. I hope will follow these comments and perhaps figure out why this is occurring. The issue was non-existent before the weekend, if that helps.

  26. lavolpe

    Ken, here’s an idea. Another thing that changed between error and no-error was that I logged into MLB from a different IP. Try rebooting your modem that connects you to your internet provider. Maybe you’ll get a different IP and the bug will self-correct? Worth a try.


    I’m going to take my chances with Kyle Kendrick and the Philadelphia Phillie’s over Greg Smith and the Colorado Rockies since the Colorado Rockies two best players, Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez aren’t going to be in the line up for the next couple of days.


    Having IP’s under 3 people is bull your only aloud to have it under 1 so I’m with the guy who says its cheating cause it is and I think if you pull that bull and make it to 57 hits first that you don’t deserve to get the 3 million. I wonder too if they found out that someone was doing that if they would just kick you out of the game.

  29. lavolpe

    @swiechild. You talking about my post? If so IP = Internet Protocol Address. I only own 1 MLB account. Where I log in from is not an issue, whether the IP is from my home computer, a friend’s computer, Internet cafe, whatever.

  30. schenk015

    doug davis decides to finally pitch well this year and its when i pick martin prado. luckily prado is the one guy to get a hit off davis through the 1st 5 innings

  31. bravesfanforlife88

    So even though I have three people (including me) playing from the same computer (IP address) that is ok as long as each person only uses one email account?

  32. vinny1979

    Well guys I got the answer I wanted from MLB themselves. As long as I don’t log into the other name anymore there won’t be anymore issues so after all of my picks that I have are used up I won’t be using that email anymore and just stick to this one so that I can get the 3 mill in case I get to 57.

  33. schenk015

    got miggy tomorrow. javier vazquez is by far the best pitcher to put your streak up against tomorrow. he has been awful this year in every start

  34. vinny1979

    They said it’s illegal to have two email addresses to play. They said as long as you only use one to log in they won’t hold it against you.

  35. schenk015

    my brother is using one f my email addresses. does that mean he wouldnt be eligible to win because that technically means i have 2 emails under my name being used or is it okay because its not the same person using the emails?


    Wow, Philadelphia Phillie’s just won in the 9th inning against the Colorado Rockies, 9 – 5.

    Plus, Chase Utley went 2 – 5.

    Now my hit streak is up to 3 and my win streak is up to 13 !

  37. rip2thecompetition

    Is your brother 5 or somethin? Who doesn’t have an email address, it’s 2010. Sounds sketchy to me.

  38. dragbunt104

    Each player should sign up with BTS under their own name.
    If there are family members playing from the same household, they would be using the same computer but would be 2 different identities based on their separate electronic “entry forms.” This has been a tough stretch for me. I like Ichirio v. O’s Hernandez tonight. Cabrera and Werth are both in on a tear. I think you need to be 18 years old to play(?).

  39. vinny1979

    Dragbunt, I like the way you think. I have Ichiro tonight too as he’s .360 over the last 7 days and .444 against Hernandez in his career so he looks like a good pick for tonight.

  40. darwri

    Hey drag, I understand what your thinking.. but what if you have 8 crazy mlb fans in your family. I have a wife, father, mother, sister, father in law, mother in law, good friends wife all logging on.. on my computer making their picks. What am I suppose to say? no? It might seem like its one person editing 8 teams, but its not. It can happen. Its funny… last night 6 of us had Jeter… all back to zero.. someone has a 8 gamer right now.. the past 5 years each year there has been a streak in the late twenties.. its been fun. I think where you log on, it doesnt matter. As long as you only have 1 team for yourself.

  41. vinny1979

    Exactly darwri. You are only allowed one team for yourself they were telling me. I have two log ins but I’m only using this one from now on and I will either live or die with it.

  42. darwri

    man i would love to be on top of that leaderboard… i want to be interviewed by this blog guy.. it would be hilarious.

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