Beat the Streak Report: Monday, June 21


Things are starting to seriously heat up here in Streakland. And I’m
talking about that disgusting
wow-I-didn’t-even-realize-I-could-even-sweat-there type of heat.

As things currently stand, we have two streakers —
“” and “fromomma” — pacing our leaderboard with season-high
37-game streaks (sorry, Cruj) and they don’t look to be slowing down
any time soon.

Except that maybe they do.

Dousing our leaders like a bucket of ice water is a brutal
Monday schedule which consists of only three Interleague
games. That means that only six teams have made themselves available
for the Monday hit buffet.

And just to rub habanero peppers all over an already spicy situation,
four of these six teams are the Nationals, D-Backs, Royals and A’s.


Thankfully, the Yankees are on the slate to face Rodrigo Lopez and the D-backs.

But if Rodrigo decides to bust out the cumin, put some hot sauce
on his fastball and get kinda spicy himself, we might be referring to
June 21, 2010 forever as the Beat the Streak Massacre of ’10. Just warning ya. 

Time for Monday’s picks

Oh, hello there …

? Derek Jeter: .448 AVG (26-for-58) lifetime vs. Diamondbacks starter Rodrigo Lopez

? David DeJesus: .450 AVG (18-for-40) last 10 games; 2-for-4 lifetime vs. Nationals starter Livan Hernandez

? Kevin Kouzmanoff: .442 (31-for-74) AVG for June; has never faced Reds starter Mike Leake

? Jason Kendall: .353 AVG (12-for-34) lifetime vs. Nationals starter Livan Hernandez

Feeling kinda spicy?

? Wilson Betemit:
.417 AVG (5-for-12) lifetime vs. Nationals starter Livan Hernandez. All
Wilson Betemit rules fly out the window once Livan Hernandez is
involved — even this season.

You’ll thank me later ...

? Jorge Posada: .115 AVG (3-for-26) since ’04 vs. Diamondbacks starter Rodrigo Lopez

? Mark Teixeira: .176 AVG (3-for-17) lifetime vs. Diamondbacks starter Rodrigo Lopez

? Billy Butler: .222 AVG (2-for-9) lifetime vs. Nationals starter Livan Hernandez

Leaderboard time!

Not far behind our two leaders is “kbarr9” with a 34-game streak,
“aydinalp1” and “lfinnberg” with 31-gamers and “death2fowl” at 30.

I told you it’s getting hot!

Top MLB streakers

? Josh Hamilton: 16 games

? Jose Guillen: 15 games

? Jason Kubel: 12 games

? Jeff Mathis: 12 games

? Garrett Jones: 11 games 

Dave’s Note: Yes I read the comments. No, I don’t know why the comment system gets weird and disorganizes everything and sometimes puts things on twice. And, yes, I’m in “The Bloggers” but my screen name has somehow been changed to “Iheartstrazzy”.  Which I do. 


  1. nardberg

    Very impressive abk!!! Good luck to all. Going with dee jesus (obscure Big Lebowski reference.) πŸ™‚

  2. vinny1979

    I’m hoping I can keep my Survivor streak going with the Yankees tonight. I have DeJesus in BTS and A Rod in HR BTS. Remember what Encarnacion did in Arizona? 5 HRs in 3 days. I hope A Rod does similar to that. It’s a homer park when it’s hot in Arizona and now it’s summer so temp will be high and roof will be open.


    I have my highest streak on survivor…10! i dont feel confident with any of the teams that are playing today. I am leaning towards the Yankees the most, but AJ Burnett is so unreliable.

  4. rip2thecompetition

    I’m not worried about taking Cano against Lopez. If I lose today I’m losing with the best hitter in baseball. Plus Lopez is 8-8 with a 5.90 ERA lifetime vs. the Yanks. I highly doubt he dazzles tonight.

  5. champion_88

    “temp will be high and roof will be open.”

    Really? Then what is the point of having a domed stadium if it is not going to be used in high temperature games?

    It certainly does not rain enough there to justify it.


    I hope DJ turns out to be a big trap. Its a trifacta of negatives (away, night, righty) and hope that this is the start of Cano’s slump. I think tonight is not a bad night to hit on one of the 4 backup catchers if you have a big streak. Because as the blogger said, if there is enough spice in Rodrigo’s hanabero sauce, virtually the whole contest will start anew tomorrow.

    For me, going with Nyjer or Cristian. I got nothing to lose and no more relying on the name brands.

  7. I think you’re fine with the Yanks. I don’t think AJ will have back-to-back blowouts. That is the only thing holding back the Yanks from winning. That is if he has another blowout inning and Giraldi don’t take him out while Rodrigo brings on the hottest taco sauce for the night.

    AJ really is the most unreliable starter on the Yanks. I know some will argue Vaz is but AJ blows out so many games with big innings. His w-l record don’t mean a thing when you pitch for yanks. Even i can get 10 wins pitching for them.

  8. champion_88

    “I’m not worried about taking Cano against Lopez. If I lose today I’m losing with the best hitter in baseball. Plus Lopez is 8-8 with a 5.90 ERA lifetime vs. the Yanks. I highly doubt he dazzles tonight.”

    My worry is that Cano gets pitched around though.

    It is amazing how badly the offense sucks on the road for everyone else.

    The only exceptions are Cano and A-Rod, but we do not know if A-Rod will even play the whole game and if his hip flexor is affecting his performance.

  9. champion_88

    “I hope DJ turns out to be a big trap. Its a trifacta of negatives (away, night, righty) and hope that this is the start of Cano’s slump. I think tonight is not a bad night to hit on one of the 4 backup catchers if you have a big streak.”

    Careful with that analysis though, because even though he has all three of his bad splits, they are still all near or above .300.

    I agree about using a backup catcher.

    Had I not had my streak snapped by Byrd on Friday and been at 12, instead of 2, that would be a serious consideration, but sitting on 2-game hitting streak does not seem very prudent.

    But it might be a good day to practice picking which backup catcher will not play!

    What would be your ranking of those four catchers from least likely to most likely to play?


    Dj’s spits:

    Away: .237
    RHP: .258
    Night: .254

    Double splits: away-right (.224)

    But you know, you get the hunch he will come through in a hitter friendly park with Rodrigo up there. Only thing you can hope for is Rodrigo brings his A game. I mean the guy is due for one good start.

    I would imagine Corky Miller is not catching. When I looked @ his #s yesterday, he catches once in a blue moon and yesterday he caught. They never pinch back-up catcher usually for an obvious reason. And this guys hits awful.


    “My worry is that Cano gets pitched around though.”

    I know what you mean but its very hard to pitch around any Yankee hitters because A-Roid hits before him with Posada hitting behind him. If you look @ Cano’s #s when A-Roid was out, he was geting only a per day. It maybe a coincidence but Cano would be hitting no where he is now if he is playing for Seattle.

    I do think the both M&M boys of MIN are being pitched around effectively now. Much easier w/ all the injury to pitch around them.

  12. champion_88

    “with Posada hitting behind him.”

    I could not believe how bad Posada is on the road at night:

    .214 on the road, .200 at night


    Corky Miller
    Landon Powell
    Will Nieves
    Chad Moeller

    All of them caught yesterday. If you look @ their stats, they’re not gonna catch for a long time nor will they pinch hit with w/ their hitting prowess. But BTS always finds ways to screw you. Watch someone getting ejected or injured to have one of these clowns come in. So caveat emptor.

    I can’t be resetted @0 so I will think about those guys for the future.

  14. kevmaan

    i say go with brett gardner…..he might bat 9th, which means he sees the least amount of at bats, but with jeter batting after him, theyre gonna pitch to him and these last few games he’s been ripping the ball


    “I could not believe how bad Posada is on the road at night:

    .214 on the road, .200 at night”

    He is awful. He seriously needs a vision or check or something. I actually found day/night extreme splits to be the most helpful stats. Then the home/away splits.

    Someone mentioned Ethier not hitting a couple of days ago. If you look @ his day #s, he is awful. This is even including his triple crown making days before the injury. I almost picked him that day too until I saw that stats.

  16. champion_88

    wow, Powell’s average isn’t even that bad, and is probably pretty competitive with the rest of the A’s lineup?

    why does he play so rarely?


    The other Suzuki is their reg. catcher. Maybe Suzuki is better defensively. He did play regularly when Suzuki was on DL last month.

    I think mgr don’t like use the backup catcher to pinch hit because if injured, replacing one isn’t easy. Especially, in the same game.

  18. renaudtn

    Made it thru the weekend alive…Thanks Young/Youkilis/Sweeney; now I’m only 31 games away from the leader 😦
    I ain?t going with Jeter tonight?I don?t care if he carries a 400+ avg vs Lopez. He?s just not hitting well right now. I?m going with Phillips vs A?s. Risky move, but I just don?t like this Yankees Diamondbacks game.

  19. 00liber

    Bad weekend for me  took the wrong Rangers. Today I’m Going with Cristian Guzman. Cmon Lopez, throw a gem.   Here’s hoping the Bronx Bombers win 1-0 on a Frank Cervelli pinchhit HR. Down with the masses.   


    Just talk to Cano. He is having a bubblgum emergency. He said he can’t get it to blow @ just right consistency. He thinks it might be related to oil spill in the Gulf. He is trying to text MelkMan if he is having the same problem.

  21. lavolpe

    Today’s Top Picks of the current Top2500. All games included, 51 different batters picked overall
    Player, Times Picked, Percentage
    Robinson Cano, 1376, 55.04%
    Derek Jeter, 458, 18.32
    Brandon Phillips, 81, 3.24
    Marcus Thames, 67, 2.68
    Ryan Zimmerman, 51, 2.04
    David DeJesus, 50, 2
    Kevin Kouzmanoff, 47, 1.88
    Alex Rodriguez, 35, 1.4
    Billy Butler, 27, 1.08
    No Selection, 27, 1.08
    Ivan Rodriguez, 27, 1.08
    Joey Votto, 27, 1.08
    Highest “No Selection”: Page #x with a streak of x now back to zero.
    Yesterday was quite painful with 43% Top2500 rest.
    Bloggers Group Top2500
    Player, Streak, Page#, Pick
    blanco21, 13, pg15, Billy Butler
    cojobs, 8, pg88, Robinson Cano
    dmansmi, 8, pg84, Derek Jeter
    kenfucious, 8, pg87, Derek Jeter

  22. 00liber

    Alright, back on track. Guz homers in bottom of 6th to take me to one.
    WTG blanco.

    Lav, your no selection numbers didnt come up. Or was there 0 no selection in top2500.?

  23. 00liber

    Sad day, two very picked on pitchers just got sent down to triple A. CLE David Huff and WASH John Lannan.

  24. lavolpe

    For the nearly 80% of Top2500 whose streaks are riding the NYY-AZ game, at least you can see your player, pitch by pitch, on ESPN starting in about 10 mins.

  25. 00liber

    Holy sh!t. AJ gives up 5 runs in the bottom of the 1rst. I only have a 2 gm survivor streak, so no biggie for me. But the other 72% of ppl that have them better hope that the road offense can wake up.

  26. nardberg

    WOW. Cano & Jeter can potentially obliterate this game tonight. Not to mention fanning the flames of that whole “get profiled in the blog lose your streak” curse. πŸ™‚ Hope they both hit – if so those players will be ahead of my usual zero.


    Man. You think this is bad, nobody will be getting those free tickets to all star game this year. LOL!

  28. yanksgiantsdevils33

    7-1 DBacks! Jeter and Cano 0 for! 6/21/10 a massacre come true! Thankfully my survivor streak was just 1 and my BTS was only at 2.

  29. 00liber

    And a collective SIGH of relief is heard across the nation as Bobby gets a single in the top of the eigth. Survivorland isn’t quite looking so happy.

  30. lavolpe

    Survivor Land is done. All 10 runs scored after 2 outs in the innings, amazing. You’d almost have to do a double take and not question your eyes when you see that the Diamondbacks are the ones scoring all the runs. Wow! Congrats to the only front page player to choose the NATs over NYY.


    Dick.George gets lucky again! That is 2 days in a row. Even the circumstance of the game goes his way. Rodrigo kept throwing strikes and challenging Cano because he knew the game was his already. He had this one in the bag. Rodrigo is not a strike thrower. He gets you out normally by making you chase bad pitches.

    I think the time is running out on his luck though. This sort of bare survival leads to perishing w/n next 2 days. He basically went with a lemming pick. Just like all others.


    At least one of the leaders is down. It would have been quite devastating if DJ squirmed a hit on his last AB too.

  33. lavolpe

    And the curse continues for one of the leaders: fromomma, same day after granting interview from MLB, goes 0-fer with Jeter walking his last at bat. I’m betting (co-leaer), also granting an interview, is busy locating all his luck charms as his streak continued on Cano’s last AB!

  34. lavolpe

    And if does fall to the curse this week, he has one big thing going for him: front runner for the $10K consolation prize. Enjoy your new big screen 3D TV!

  35. champion_88

    Player, Times Picked, Percentage
    Robinson Cano, 1376, 55.04%: SUCCESS
    Derek Jeter, 458, 18.32: OUT
    Brandon Phillips, 81, 3.24: SUCCESS
    Marcus Thames, 67, 2.68: DNP
    Ryan Zimmerman, 51, 2.04: OUT
    David DeJesus, 50, 2: OUT
    Kevin Kouzmanoff, 47, 1.88: SUCCESS
    Alex Rodriguez, 35, 1.4: SUCCESS
    Billy Butler, 27, 1.08: SUCCESS
    No Selection, 27, 1.08: OUT
    Ivan Rodriguez, 27, 1.08: OUT
    Joey Votto, 27, 1.08: SUCCESS
    Highest “No Selection”: Page #x with a streak of x now back to zero.
    Yesterday was quite painful with 43% Top2500 rest.

    Bloggers Group Top2500
    Player, Streak, Page#, Pick
    blanco21, 13, pg15, Billy Butler: SUCCESS
    cojobs, 8, pg88, Robinson Cano: SUCCESS
    dmansmi, 8, pg84, Derek Jeter: OUT
    kenfucious, 8, pg87, Derek Jeter: OUT

    So we see 24.52% eliminated today.

    Too bad it could have been 79.56%!

    I sort of felt it to be too good to be true and sort of knew Cano was going to get the hit in the last AB, since Lopez really was not pitching him that hard.

    Which is confusing because the count was only 1-2.

    I know you do not put people on with multi-run leads, but the count was only 1-2. He could have tried a couple chase pitches before grooving one.

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