Behind the Streaks: 37-game leaders unmasked


Ask and you shall receive.
After posting today’s BTS Report, I e-mailed our two leaders, “” and “fromomma” with a bunch of random questions; ya know, the kind of ice-breaking questions you ask when you are in an awkward group situation and you think if only you knew Stacey’s favorite ice cream flavor, this situation wouldn’t be such an inferno of awfulness. 
I love these questions. And apparently, so do our leaders.
“fromomma” Used to Play Shortstop for the Texas Rangers

Except now he plays third base. 
“Fromomma”‘s real name happens to be Michael Young. This is fascinating. Obviously, he isn’t the Michael Young. This does not make it less fascinating. This would be like trying to win one of those mail-in prizes found on the back of cereal boxes and your name just happens to be Cap’n Crunch. 
Or like signing up for one of those this-is-definitely-a-scam-but-I-want-a-free-iPad-so-I’ll-click-away iPad scams you see all across Facebook and your name just happens to be Steve Jobs. THAT DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN. There’s a reason his name is Mike Young and not Adam Everett.
Anyway, Mike Young is a sports videographer who lives in Spring Green, WI. He’s been playing Beat the Streak for three years now and his big BTS secret is that he likes to “stay away from good pitchers.” Um …thanks, Mike. Way to really help us out here.
The good news is that Young reads the BTS Report and has taken some tips from the blog, so I’m fully rooting for his survival and fully expect at least 1/3 of his $3,000,000 cash prize. I mean, how many Silly Bandz or vuvuzelas could you possibly need, Michael?
Oh and Michael’s favorite MLB player is (wait for it …) Michael Young. Alright, onto the next guy before I have to take a cold shower.  Best of luck, Mike.
“”‘s Name is Dick George

This makes sense.
George is a native of Rock Rapids, Iowa and currently lives as a tax accountant in Mount Vernon, Iowa. He roots for the Giants so obviously his all-time favorite player is Willie Mays. His big time BTS strategy has been to look for “a good hitter against a poor pitcher.”
Ohhhhh, so THAT’s what I’ve been doing wrong this whole time! It all makes so much more sense now! Look at all these exclamation marks!!!
Anyway, Dick reads the BTS Report “sometimes” (I’ll take it!) and is predictably putting his $3 million hopes and dreams into Robinson Cano tonight vs. Rodrigo Lopez.
Best of luck to you both. I really hope your streaks don’t fall apart and launch into oblivion after you both graciously took the time to answer some questions and reveal yourselves. 
Ya know, just like what happened with EVERYONE else before


  1. renaudtn

    Well, my strategy is to stay away from all the big names?although I rode the Cano gravy train a time or two. It has worked pretty good for me to stay away from Ichiro for instance (bet some here wish they had stay away from him a few times 😉 but judging by my all time best 8 games hitting streak, I?m probably not gonna be featured on this report any time soon. I think we should all be grieving for Brentandcam right now?It wasn?t a Blue Jays day yesterday in Survivor land.

  2. oneheartbeataway

    well well well Cano and Jeter are 0-6 in the 7th yanks trailing 3-7, wawawiiiwa that would wipe out everyone and their mother.

  3. kevmaan

    coming from a guy whos best streak is 9 this year, this info may or may not help you, but i like to look for guys who went 0-? in their last game or two….call it weird but it seems to work a lot of the time…because how often do good players stay hitless after a couple games…well enjoy and good luck to everyone!


    My Survivor Streak isn’t all that impressive, but I will say that when when an East Coast teams flies out West, especially with no day off in between (as was the case with the Yankees last night) they always get spanked…

    The Pads are traveling down to Tampa for tonight’s game…so I’m rollin with the Rays tonight

  5. darwri

    I had one of those 10th inning singles last night to keep my streak alive.. Brandon Philips.. I was going insane.. 11 gamer! could that hit be the hit that propels me? haha gotta love to dream


    Dave, you’ve jinxed another guy…Fromomma goes down the night he get’s interviewed…It was somewhat amusing to find out the guy’s name is Michael Young…Interestingly enough, last year I was in an ESPN Public League for Fantasy Football and had nearly the same thing happened…One of the guys who was randomly assigned to be in my league just happened to be named Anthony Keidis…of course he was not THE Anthony Keidis (singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers), but what makes it somewhat ironic is that my Team name was Pearl Jammers, which is obviously a reference to another band that gained national recognition in the early 90’s. I guess it would have been more ironic if his name was say, Aaron Rodgers, but how many Anthony Keidis’ can there be out there? And I wonder how many of them went by Tony Keidis until about 1992 or so?

  7. renaudtn

    Fromomma fell into the Jeter trap?I almost fell into it as well but changed for Brandon Phillips at the last minute?good move (although Phillips recorded his only hit of the night in the 10th inning?close call). The survivor world got devastated last night?.As predicted the slaughter DID happen. Lopez pitched pretty well and the Yankees got spanked. Good thing I took my chance with the Reds. Now my 2 games streak is looking pretty good 🙂

  8. outofcookies

    Cabrera didn’t bat tonight ,No Way To Know Who’s Batting until Game time; IMPOSSIBLE BULL****.I’m Not Telepathic.Tigers didn’t play till 7:oop.m. Have to submit pick at 12:55 Leyland didn’t decide till game time which wasn’t until 7 o’clock p.m. eastern standard time.At 1:00 I Thought Cabrera Was Playing Today.Stupid Freakin’ Fantasy Streak Anyway, At Least After 11 Game Hit Streak A Player Can say” I Think I’ll Bat Tonight, Try To Keep My Hit Streak Goin’.”We As Internet ,Stupid Streak, Fantasy Idiots, Have no say in who plays.It’s Harder Than Hitting A Fast Ball, Change Up, Slider, Knuckle Ball, Sinker, Whatever.
    Stupid Computer Bull Box Hit Streak.

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