Beat the Streak Report: Wednesday, July 28


Ichiro Suzuki entered Tuesday night in a 2-for-16 slump. He’s hitting an uncharacteristically low .221 for July.

Clearly the man is in a funk.

Clearly this did not reasonate with our streakers.

13.6 percent of the streak galaxy selected Ichiro for the day and 13.6
percent of the galaxy now has the same streak as my nanna.

Nanna doesn’t know how to use a computer.

Of course, the big news coming out of Tuesday’s festivities is that’s Ian Kay watched his 29-game streak link arms with Crystal
Clear Pepsi, grape-flavored Gushers and WWF Superstars Ice Cream Bars
and spiral into the abyss.

Kay’s streak is now swimming in the River of Styx after Carlos Gonzalez went 0-for-3 vs. Zach Duke of the Pirates.

Says Kay, “I can’t believe I broke the Golden Rule — always select an elite player”.

Ian, I’m just so, so, so, SO sorry. Considering you weren’t eligible for
the $3,000,000 prize to begin with, you really took the “if a tree
falls in a forest” metaphor to a whole new level.

Time for Wednesday’s picks

Oh, hello there ...

? Michael Cuddyer: 12-game hitting streak; .409 AVG (9-for-22) lifetime vs. Royals starter Brian Bannister

? Robinson Cano: .389 AVG (7-for-18) lifetime vs. Indians starter Fausto Carmona

? Adam Dunn: .409 AVG (9-for-22) lifetime vs. Braves starter Tim Hudson

? Michael Young: .500 AVG (5-for-10) lifetime vs. Athletics starter Trevor Cahill

Feeling kinda spicy?

? Maicer Izturis: .370 AVG (10-for-27) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter Josh Beckett

You’ll thank me later …

? Ian Kinsler: .091 AVG (1-for-11) lifetime vs. Athletics starter Trevor Cahill

? Ryan Zimmerman: .143 AVG (4-for-28) lifetime vs. Braves starter Tim Hudson

? Kevin Youkilis: .200 AVG (3-for-15) lifetime vs. Angels starter Joel Pineiro

Leaderboard time!

Kay may have fallen on his streak sword, but our leader —
“richard.jucksch” — is cruising with a 37-gamer after Robinson Cano’s
eighth-inning double.

I legitimately think Jucksch has a chance here. He’s 20 days away from
the big bucks and continues to ignore my e-mail, thus saving himself
from the BTS jinx.

You may have won this round, Jucksch. But I got some tricks up my sleeve.

Let’s dance.

Top MLB streakers

? Buster Posey: 20 games

? Nelson Cruz: 15 games

? Scott Podsednik: 14 games

? Justin Upton: 13 games

? Michael Cuddyer: 12 games

? Matt Holliday: 12 games 


Vinny1979, not so sure about next 2 days. Several “easy” matchups IMO until 1st of month but we’ll see. Favoring Mauer/D.Young in BTS & waiting for lineup so I can decide. MINN/TOR possible Survivor picks for me.

@Vinny1979 “…that is why I love this game. What you think is an “easy” and can’t fail pick is usually a downfall.”
Yeah, that’s why I hate this game at times & have a streak of 1 😉

I honestly think the leader is going to fall by the weekend. I think it will happen in the next 2 days as he got really lucky last night and that won’t last long. I have chosen Tex in HR BTS, Heyward in BTS and Phils in Survivor. Hernandez can’t pitch against lefties or at night so it makes sense to choose Heyward and Heyward is hot in July also.

Pony, that is why I love this game. What you think is an “easy” and can’t fail pick is usually a downfall. The person you least expect to come through usually does and the person you think can’t fail usually does.

BTS – Alexi “The Missle” Ramirez of ChiSox – How do you spell calinete.
HR – My wild guess of the day: Granderson
Survivor – TB – Always tough at home and the Tigers are missing some “teeth” with all their injuries.

What makes Ichiro fall even more painful for his pickers yesterday is the original ruling that it was a hit. I bet it was a typical Ichiro hit but the Chicago people want to see if they can another no hitter going against SEA last night.

Anything in the infield if you hesitate or scratch your butt, etc., Ichiro will beat it out.

I think Mauer will be playing. That is he DHed yesterday in antcipation of today. I would stay off DY. He has been way too hot. Finding hot bat is easy because this month he looks like he is good for anything. Finding that day when he 0-fers is the hard part. Plus, the pitchers will begin to pitch around him.

Thank you ponyforkeana and dragbunt104 for helping me in the home run game. That negative streak is now over thanks to Ryan Howard homering last night! With Placido Polanco hitting (2 for 5) and the Blue Jays winning, I got my first 3 for 3 day since May 9. I’m still deciding on today’s picks.

@btsplayer. D.Young? If Cuddyer/Thome are his protection today, they are hitting Bannister very well & Cuddyer is also hot. These are things I will consider when I see the lineup & fortunately, it’ll be posted before game time.
@yanksgiantdevs33. You’re welcome. It is a solid strategy to start a HR streak, but only for that purpose.

That was bad timing. Decision made. D.Young is Mauer’s protection. Think I’ll stick with .5 M&M today.

That was bad timing; lineup just posted. Decision made. D.Young is Mauer’s protection. Think I’ll stick with .5 M&M today.

I’ve got Miguel Cabrera on beat the streak and the Phillies on survivor. I’m skipping home run today with Magglio Ordonez (DL) as my pick.

Highest no selections;
In Home run beat the streak: “special_olympics_32” (page 5) with a streak of 3.
Survivor: “ellimac33″ (page 2) with a streak of 10.
Beat the Streak:”dbdorlo” (page 6) with a streak of 15.
These users (and any other no selections) will be reset to 0 I believe when the first game ends.

Kay – nice run to 29 – Remember that you can not take an elite player and get to 57. You have to go “underground” at times to win this thing.
Shooting out of an Cuban underground missle silo aiming at the Seattle dugout today my pick is Alexi “The Missle” Ramirez. Nicknamed by the Wizard of OZ – ChiSox manager Ozzie Guillen.

I am locked in with Neil Walker. I have to hope that Walker can hit in thin Colorado air like everyone else. My second pick would have been Carlos Gonzalez. I would be so upset I 0-fer and Gonz come through. My decision to not choose Gonz was because he scrwed me twice early in the year. Probably not a rational reason to not pick him.

Heavenly battle this afternoon, good vs. evil?
BOS Becket with 666 era against LA Angels!

LaV’s List
Wednesday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500, 177 Batters picked overall
Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
Joe Mauer, 210 8.4(1RST)(GOOD)
Joey Votto, 184 7.36(3RD)
Michael Young, 107 4.28(5TH)
Michael Cuddyer, 103 4.12
Ryan Howard, 94 3.76(2ND)
Delmon Young, 91 3.64(GOOD)
Robinson Cano, 89 3.56
Buster Posey, 87 3.48
Ichiro Suzuki, 77 3.08(4TH)
Josh Hamilton, 75 3
No Selection, 59 2.36
Martin Prado, 55 2.2
Curtis Granderson, 54 2.16
Shane Victorino, 47 1.88
Carl Crawford 8 0.32(5TH)

Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset was 34.4%, with Ichiro(questionable 0-fer) reseting the most.

Highest “No Selection”:Pg# 6 with a streak of 15 back to zero.

Bloggers Group Top2500
UserName, Streak, Page#, Pick
ChiSox07, 10, pg 29, J. Mauer(GOOD)>
Champion88, 9, pg 35, B. Posey
PeterKevinPerkins, 9, pg 37, B. Posey
00LIber, 7, pg 62, D. Young
patnick98, 6, Reset by J. Buck
GL to all

There goes leader again! He is exactly 2/3 ways there. I think he is the last man standing for this year.

from btsplayer: “There goes leader again! He is exactly 2/3 ways there. I think he is the last man standing for this year.”
No, I am, at least until mathematically eliminated or prize won. I can dream, can’t I?

ponyforkeana- We can all dream and hope, hope, hope. 🙂

I just don’t want the leader to pass 43 games. If I can’t win $3 million, then I’ll gladly accept the consolation prize for getting 44 games this year. 😉

2 of my 3 guys to watch today got hits this afternoon:
Cubs – Starlin Castro and Tyler Colvin
My third guy is Alexi Ramirez

Hey everybody GL to all Im at 1 with Mauer getting 2 hits today. Im happy my Reds destroyed the Brew Crew. Votto is the definition of a MAN.

“No, I am, at least until mathematically eliminated or prize won. I can dream, can’t I?”

Yup. When I see you or anyone pass 30. It seems that is the new wall for anyone who get up there. So far the leader crushed through it the other day. He made the statement with that 5for5 Mauer few days ago while his followers perished.

Well Heyears came through after having an 0 fer day yesterday. Working my way back up slowly.

Santana getting bombed. This is the worst I’ve seen him ever. I think that just put a folk in the Mets season this year. It was fun but not enough.

@btsplayer: With all due respect, they’re only 7 back in the loss column and it’s not even August yet. It might look grim still, but all they have to do is gain one game a week. Injuries, streaks, acquisitions all happen and can change an entire ballclub around. I’d rather not hear that a team should stick a fork in it until beginning to mid-September. I admit, it may be tough, but as we’ve said throughout the past few days, baseball is unpredictable.

“Injuries, streaks, acquisitions all happen and can change an entire ballclub around.”

That can be said for all of the handful of teams chasing the wild card spot. I don’t see both ATL and PHI crumbling enough to let give up first place to Mets. And the wild card spot will likely go to whoever finishes 2nd in the West coast. The Mets really needed to play well on the recent road trip and they didn’t put up the game. I blame this on Jason Bay. He really was another awful pick by the Mets. He hasn’t done squat this year.

I am not Mets hater. I am a rare Yankee fan that actually root for the Mets.

Darn it. CGonz got a hit. That does not look good for me because I doubt both of my top choices would come through tonight.

Miguel Cabrera just homered to left in the top of the 6th so I’m good for beat the streak. Meanwhile the Phillies are up 5-0 with Roy “Doc” Halladay on the mound.

Looks like today is one of those freebie days. With exception of Howard taking down a bit of the leaders, not many resets will be had unless M.Young goes 0-fer also. These are the days when one gets reset, just have to shake your head and say, “Crap!” Expecting top2500 reset result to be low when posted tomorrow. Definitely not a moving day.

They put Hyphen in DL today. Only Millwood left now.

I would love to see Suzuki get one more hit tonight. Something more solid like a ripped line drive. Maybe then that is something of a confirmation that he is out of his slump. We need Ichiro to combat these evil pitchers.

Alexi “The Missle” Ramirez launched a HR and had a single tonight at The Cell in Chicago. He is on a tear; going to go with him on Thursday too. ChiSox are 18 – 1 — I beleive in their last 19 home games.
HR – Wild guess of the day Jayson Werth
Survivor – Padres over LAD looks promising – Latos is tough especially at home.

Tomorrow I’m going with:

BTS- ngel Pagn,
HR- Paul Konerko,
Survivor- White Sox.

David Wright not in the lineup today.

Sup y’all. I’m going against the knuckleballer this morning. Top2500 won’t be posted untill about 5-530est, but WILL include all games. I’m off to bed , as I worked all night. GL to all today.

Keep eye on trades too: Pods & Peralta traded. If you picked one of them, may want to re-look.

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