Beat the Streak Report: Wednesday, September 29


Oh, hello there …

? Dan Uggla: .429 AVG (12-for-28) lifetime vs. Braves starter Derek Lowe

? Brian Roberts: .421 AVG (8-for-19) lifetime vs. Rays starter Jeff Niemann

? Andre Ethier: .500 AVG (5-for-10) lifetime vs. Rockies starter Jhoulys Chacin

? Joe Mauer: .529 AVG (9-for-17) lifetime vs. Royals starter Luke Hochevar

Feeling kinda spicy?

? Mark Ellis: .455 AVG (10-for-22) since ’05 vs. Angels starter Joel Pineiro

You’ll thank me later…

? Billy Butler: .080 AVG (2-for-25) lifetime vs. Twins starter Scott Baker

? Paul Konerko: .100 AVG (1-for-10) lifetime vs. Red Sox starter Josh Beckett

Top MLB streakers

? Trevor Crowe: 13 games

? Victor Martinez: 13 games 

? Corey Hart: 12 games 


  1. dragbunt104

    BTS – Kinsler hitting lefties at a .370 clip and is leading off today v. Vargas of M’s, a hittable lefty.
    HR – Kinsler goes deep
    survivor – Braves as this is a must game for them.

  2. champion_88

    It totally FIGURES that I get hot in HR BTS just as the season is winding down and no postseason Beat the Streak contest there.

    By the way, how is there a delay in a domed stadium in Toronto?

  3. yanksgiantsdevils33

    lol ceremonies for what?
    Finishing over .500 for the first time since the ’90s?
    —– I think there manager is getting honored because he’s retiring. As for the blogs there is not much activity as no one witnessed me end that awful losing skid.

  4. champion_88

    I am a little worried about the postseason contests, since there are no banners up at all.

    But even if there is no official contest tonight, I am still going to dilligently pluck away at it, as practice for next year, and to keep some excitement for myself during the playoffs.

    Is anyone else in?

  5. darwri

    Just shows how much you yanks care about Canada. How do you not know Cito Gaston is in his last year as Blue Jays manager? You either know nothing about baseball…or your a classic yank. You guys must of cried when the Jays won the world series in 92 & 93.

    You know whats great.. The Blue Jays have the 4th best team in the American league with one of the lowest payrolls. imagine we actually spent some money.

    PS unless your a red sox or yankee fan ( Band wagon jumpers. i would love to see you guys hoping for either in the 80’s ) You got nothing on the Blue Jays.

    Thats my rant for today hah

  6. yanksgiantsdevils33

    What I dreaded a few blogs ago maybe dreadfully happening.
    How depressing if it does happen, it would make 2010 one of the worst seasons and add an extra month without games until next April. I should have quit survivor too.

    Home run: A-Rod is off AND Jose Batista, Paul Konerko, Dan Uggla, Albert Pujols, Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Jim Thome, Cory Hart and Prince Fielder have NEVER homered against their opposing pitcher and some of them are seeing completely unfamiliar pitchers for the 1st time, while others are seeing pitchers who have allowed very few home runs like Francisco Liriano who has only given up 6 HRs in 186 innings. What a bad HR day. I’m taking Dan Uggla anyway who is 6 for 12 off Duke but dreadfully has no homers against him. Duke has allowed 24 homers in 155 innings, 4 times as much as Liriano.
    Survivor: Padres – If they lose today there season is over.

  7. yanksgiantsdevils33

    Add Vladimir Guerrero, Hideki Matsui and Joey Votto to that list.
    HR futility against opposing pitchers *AO – against opponent
    Player——- HRs AO in ABs AO
    Jose Batista 0 in 5 abs against Francisco Liriano
    Price Fielder Never seen Dillon Gee
    Carlos Gonzalez 0 in 6 abs against Chris Carpenter
    Vladimir Guerrero 1 in 16 abs against Scott Kazmir
    Cory Hart Never seen Dillon Gee
    Paul Konerko 0 in 10 abs against Jon Lester
    Hideki Matsui 0 in 20 abs against Cliff Lee
    Albert Pujols Never seen Jason Hammel
    Jim Thome Never seen Shawn Hill
    Troy Tulowitzki 0 in 3 abs against Chris Carpenter
    Dan Uggla 0 in 12 abs against Zach Duke
    Joey Votto 0 in 8 abs against Brett Myers
    TOTAL 1 home run in 80 combined at bats!
    I’m changing to Vladimir Guerrero from Dan Uggla. Kazmir has had a rough year and has allowed 25 homers in 144 innings and Guerrero is 8 for 16 off him overall although just 1 homer.
    Miguel Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez are out for the year and Josh Hamilton will return tomorrow.

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