Beat the Streak Report: April 12

With more than 15 percent of your collective vote, Ichiro took home prom-king honors at Streakland High last night. No. 51 didn’t disappoint, either, slow dancin’ and romancin’ his way to two hits in four at-bats against Jesse Litsch and the Blue Jays.

Runner-up Todd Helton arrived stag and didn’t stay long, however, flying out in a lone pinch-hit appearance to end seven percent of all streaks.

It’s cool, Todd — you can still come to the afterparty. Tulo (2-for-4), CarGo (1-for-5) and Dex (1-for-4) will all be there, plus we heard speecy-spicy Seth Smith (3-for-4) spiked the punch.

Oh, and you know who else will be in attendance? Carlos Lee. Yesterday’s big-picture man wasn’t among your top 15 picks, but he still won the dance-off with a pair of singles in two at-bats.

Stick with the Report, Streakers. We’ve taken this limo ride many a time.

Tuesday’s picks

(Make a BTS pick)


Oh, hello there …

Robinson Cano: .857 AVG (6-for-7) since ’06 vs. Orioles starter Chris Tillman

Chris Young: .500 AVG (6-for-12) since ’06 vs. Cardinals starter Chris Carpenter

Coco Crisp: .409 AVG (9-for-22) since ’06  vs. White Sox starter Edwin Jackson

Ian Desmond: .429 AVG (6-for-14) since ’06 vs. Phillies starter Joe Blanton

Ichiro Suzuki: .444 AVG (4-for-9) since ’06 vs. Blue Jays starter Ricky Romero


Feeling kinda spicy?

Nate Schierholtz: .429 AVG (6-for-14) since ’06  vs. Dodgers starter Chad Billingsley


You’ll thank me later …

Stephen Drew: .077 AVG (1-for-13) since ’06 vs. Cardinals starter Chris Carpenter

• Chris Coghlan: .083 AVG (1-for-12) since ’06 vs. Braves starter Tommy Hanson

• Matt Kemp: .143 AVG (3-for-21) since ’06 vs. Giants starter Tim Lincecum

Brian McCann: .133 AVG (2-for-15) since ’06 vs. Marlins starter Chris Volstad

Torii Hunter: .179 AVG (5-for-28) since ’06 vs. Indians starter Fausto Carmona


Yer doin’ it wrong …

• Matt Wieters: .000 AVG (0-for-17) since ’06 vs. Yankees starter A.J. Burnett

New rule: Once you hit 0-for-15 or so, you get your own category. Call in the next 15 minutes to receive a gratuitous YouTube vid at no extra charge!


Leaderboard time!

Fifty-four perfect brackets remain. Quit picking Duke, people. Twelves over fives — let’s goooo!


Top MLB streakers

Jose Tabata: 10 games

Paul Konerko: 10 games

Michael Brantley: 9 games

Jose Reyes: 9 games

(Make a BTS pick)


Top o the morning all. What the heck happened out in Sea last night? I went to bed it was 7-0 Tor. Wakeup and look and Sea won 8-7??? 

Anyways I’m going with another one of my Rangers today. Probably Kins as hes hitting righties good this year so far. And Brad Penny has looked pretty rough so far. Here’s hoping my Rangers are the first team to 10 wins. 
GL all. 

Doh. Line-ups are up and Kinsler is not starting so I’m switching to Josh again today.

That’s one definite advantage of picking from an early game. Knowing who is sitting & possibly pinch hitting.

For example. I’m looking at Mauer tomorrow, but its a day game after night game & he may not be in the order or may be as a DH. But tomorrow’s game is early enough to see the lineup before picks lock, allowing me to change if needed.

So do we want to guess how many of the 54 perfects pick from the early game today? There were only 6 yesterday.

I’ll raise my 1st estimate to 60% — more than half

Better yet, let’s guess how many pick either Ichiro or Cano? My guess is 40% or about half.

Cano is going to be heavy tonight. Does Tillman pitch around him knowing the success of the matchup?
Not sure how heavy Ichiro will be. 4 of 9 is a pretty decent hit rate but Ricky could throw a gem not wanting to rely on the bullpen after last night’s debacle.

I’d bet Cano will be most picked tonite. Pitch-arounds are really situational. If Cano doesn’t come up with men on & 1st base open, he’ll probably be pitched to depending on out-count and late innings. NYY may only play 8 innings today.
Ichiro will be 2nd most picked I think — matter of faith for the faithful.

Cano will be most picked or at worst second most. He is a Pick Of The Day along with Ichiro so they will be 1-2 for most picked.

And if either or both go 0-fer tonite, we’ll see a massive number of streaks reset BTS-wide.

I just scrambled to change my pick. Relying on TWC, it appears 70% chance of rain in NY area. I don’t like picking games with high chance of rain — too many bad things can happen. Now, looking for Abreu to get me to crazy eights. GL all bloggers.

The Yankees are normally safe to pick in for rain situations.

They rainout/call rain delays over drizzle, so you rarely have a 5 innings game there, especially against a divisional team, where makeup dates will be plentiful.

Not only can unforeseen things happen if it rains, I look at it as an opportunity to move above people ahead of me if the game does get rained out. I rather play than sit idle.

Woo hoo. Josh triples in first AB.
TOP2500 up shortly. Just running it now.

LaV’s List

Tuesday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500,
196 Batters picked overall

Batter, Times Picked, Percentage

Pick Times Picked Percentage
Robinson Cano, 352, 14.22
Josh Hamilton, 145, 5.86, GOOD(MY PICK)
Ichiro Suzuki, 144, 5.82
Shane Victorno, 96, 3.88
Ryan Braun, 68, 2.75
Albert Pujols, 66, 2.67
Plac Polanco, 60, 2.42
No Selection, 56, 2.26
Joey Votto, 52, 2.1
Ian Kinsler, 41, 1.66, PH??
Alex Rodriguez, 41, 1.66
Joe Mauer, 41, 1.66
J.J. Hardy, 40, 1.62
Ryan Zimmerman, 39, 1.58
Miguel Cabrera, 39, 1.58

Of 54 Perfect streaks there are 8 playing the early game. 4 move on with Josh, 2 have Kinsler, 1 Miggy, 1 Andrus.

Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset rate was 22.28% with a Todd Helton pinch hit 0-fer reseting the most.

Highest “No Selection” 😛 pg# 4 with streak of 11 back to zero.

Bloggers Group Top2500
UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick

LaVolpe, 7, pg , 881, B. Abreu (PICKED 34X)
Nyy4life42, 7, pg , 881, R. Cano (352)
Gurpsing, 7, pg , 881, P. Polanco (60)
Blanco21, 6, pg , 1709, P. Polanco (60)

Bloggers Reset Yesterday
Gpearson17, 11, M. Montero

GL to all

oops just noticed that i missed the pg each blogger is on.
LaVolpe, 7, pg 37, 881, B. Abreu (PICKED 34X)
Nyy4life42, 7, pg 37, 881, R. Cano (352)
Gurpsing, 7, pg 49, 881, P. Polanco (60)
Blanco21, 6, pg 82, 1709, P. Polanco (60)

Well Cano was the most picked now we just have to wait and see if he continues his hot hitting against Tillman and see if that game even gets played. By the way, was I the only one who watched the youtube video that Dave posted because it was….um….weird, haha. Not sure how he finds that stuff. Anyway, keep it up Dave!!

Dang, I didn’t think to look at weather today before picking the obvious Cano. I guess you lose focus when you drop from 11 to zero. Looks like the Phils/Nats, Brewers/Pirates, and Rocks/Mets games will also be plagued by rain tonight.

Wow!! Josh Hamilton left the game in the first inning after sliding into home plate. All those who picked him are super lucky he got a hit in his first plate appearance. The baseball God’s were looking over all of you guys today!

What the BTS gods giveth, they eventually take away-ith.

Hamilton (dh) pulled in favor of Kinsler(0-1). Dont know if there an injury from that triple or not.

Per rotoworld: “Josh Hamilton was pulled from Tuesday’s game with a right shoulder strain”. May want to remove him from your picks until more info comes out.

He slid hard into 3rd and Inge fell on him, and then slid hard into home trying to score.
He was already supposed to have tomorrow off.

Looks like he’ll get a week off now or longer

But then again, best to wait for more info instead of jumping to conclusions. Shame on me, I should know better. Ignore.

Wonder who this slick1014 is? A bloggers group member playing 3 accounts. It may prove to not be slick at all.

Let him learn the hard way.

@LaVolpe: Maybe I missed something, but couldn’t the slick people just be friends or brothers?

Even so, you have to get to 30+ games to win any sort of prizes, so it will likely not even matter.

But if it is the same person, be a Little more inconspicuous.

For a while, on the leader board I saw several accounts named jvairo_xx, with “xx” being various two-digit numbers. There’s currently a jvairo_76 with a 12-streak.

Could be and really none of my business either, other than simple curiosity. Though all 3 accounts picking the same players for 2+ days in a row now? I’d say probably not 3 individual accounts.

Untill I actually sat down and read the rules I was playing with 2 different accts (3 yrs ago). Thats probably all it is, is that ppl don’t read the rules so they don’t know any better. Then again maybe I’m just giving ppl the benefit of the doubt.

Previous post meant for Champion_88.

If we remember awhile back, the guy that got to 45 games played with 2 of his brothers, although he claimed that either of the other picking a player meant he would most likely avoid him.

They could also have had similar screenames too.

Again, for me, it’s only curiosity. Whether multi-accounts are family members or 1 person using software to generate them and pick for them is neither here nor there. If someone is cheating and actually is fortunate to get the year’s top streak, MLB’s cheating system will already have been targeted. It isn’t too hard to see multiple accounts picking players based from the same IP address — red flag for sure I would think. When multiple accounts consistently pick same players — another red flag I would think. MLB will investigate anomalies before it pays out; that I’m sure of.
Besides, this game is hard enough to concentrate on 1 account; doing multiple accounts will surely result in less success.

Totally agree.

So like most of you are saying, it really doesn’t matter if someone plays with two accounts they will eventually get caught. I have a question on what Lav said though. I started playing this game when a friend of mine told me about it five years ago. He was playing it with his brother and they lived at home with their parents. If one of them won would it not count because two accounts were being played with the same IP address? I didn’t know MLB could track that. That sucks for people who are playing honestly but share a computer if that’s the case.

@baseballgirlie. I would believe MLB has some “test questions” that would be asked in such cases. It is not against rules to have multiple accounts from the same IP (i.e., from the same house). But it is against the rules for 1 real person to play multiple accounts.

ha, after giving it a couple moments of thought, I think I figured it out.

when MLB does the all-star vote every year, they give everyone 25 votes apiece.

they are probably just translating that logic over.

On a different note though, does anyone know what happened to BTS HR.

The banner has been removed from the Fantasy home page.

I figured they gave each email account 25 votes. I remember last year you had to log in to vote. I mean I guess there would be a way to track IP addresses, especially with technology now days.

@00Liber: Aren’t you glad things worked out where you ended up choose Hamilton over Kinsler?

Yes sir. But if Kins started things might’ve been different. Who knows I’ll take it.

@Champ88. I didn’t even notice it disappeared. I didn’t plan on playing it anyway, which is why it escaped me. I was curious about that Odyssey game was all about

Brewers/Pirates already rained out.

Wow. Well there goes four “perfect” streakers’ picks. At least they’re not reset. But there will be no more than 48 streaks of 13 after today.

Has it been announced if they double up tomorrow?

@LaV per your guess as to how many of “perfect streakers” took Cano or Ichiro. 37.7%

That was pretty close, huh? Regarding Pit/Mil. No makeup date set yet. Note that pitching matchups may have changed for the next 2 days for these 2 teams. I didn’t pre-pick from them, so I don’t know the original pitchers that were scheduled for those days.

BOS pickers may be a bit shocked when the lineups are posted. Out: Ortiz, Drew, Ellsbury, Saltalamacchia. In: McDonald, Cameron, Lowrie, Varitek.
SEA. Figgins out. Wouldn’t think it effects how Ichiro is pitched to

Did I just read that right? BAL/NYY postponed.

I see that too on the Yahoo page.

For all ye bloggers. I posted this before & here it is again. For game-related weather reports…

COL/NYM game just PPD also. Mark, you’ll need a new category tomorrow: Nr that remained idle due to rain 😉

I’ve already adjusted the template.

As long as you are adjusting it, you have this line repeated twice both today & yesterday: “Pick Times Picked Percentage”

Ya I noticed that. From when I copy n paste from template to blog.

I had Cano picked today, with the Yankee game postponed, I’m staying at 1 with my 2nd straight pause.

Well, for right now I’m glad I saw the forecast and changed my NYY pick in time. If I’m fortunate enough to move to 8, I will have also moved up on ~130 8-gamers that will remain idle today due to the 3 games rained out.

Sweet! Marlon Byrd singled in the first inning for me so I am back to 3! Now if I can just get over that hump.

So did anyone else see that Hamilton is going to be out 6-8 weeks! There goes a very popular pick out for an extended period of time. The Rangers are going to miss him for sure. I guess people can forget about him for a while now.

That’s 23-30% of the season without Josh Hamilton, one of the top 5 most commonly picked players.

No more than 27 streakers will be tied for first with a 13-streak after today. Suzuki (nine picks) and Kemp (one pick) are still in play.

Kemp is good. (0-3) batting right now.

And ichiro just doubled.

Felt like my guy pinched hit today. Team received 3 walks the entire game and my guy got all 3 resulting in an 0-1 day. Back to square zero, lick my wounds, and try to regroup with some new lessons learned.
@gpearson: Ichiro & Kemp both have hits today
@all: GL and I expect to be at the top of our group again shortly!

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