Beat the Streak Report: Thursday, August 4


BTS D-Day passed yesterday, but the Streaking continues. Your fearless current leader, simon_s999, sits at 30 games. Thursday’s roadmap to Streakland fame and fortune is below.


Thursday’s picks:

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Oh, hello there … 

Michael Young: 533 (8-for-15) since ’06 vs. Tigers starter Brad Penny

Miguel Cabrera: .667 (4-for-6) since ’06 vs. Rangers starter Alexi Ogando

Vladimir Guerrero: .444 (4-for-9) since ’06 vs. Royals starter Jeff Francis

Feeling kinda spicy?

Mark Reynolds: .400 (10-for-25) since ’06 vs. Royals starter Jeff Francis


You’ll thank me later …

Omar Infante: .160 (4-for-25) since ’06 vs. Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse

Michael Cuddyer: .167 (4-for-24) since ’06 vs. Angels starter Dan Haren

Carlos Beltran: .125 (1-for-8) since ’06 vs. Phillies starter Cliff Lee

Top MLB streakers 

Dan Uggla: 25 games

Freddie Freeman: 18 games

Adrian Gonzalez: 13 games

Hideki Matsui: 12 games

Yadier Molina: 12 games

Ryan Zimmerman: 12 games

Home Run Beat the Streak pick:

Ian Kinsler: 2 career home runs vs. Tigers starter Brad Penny


  1. 00liber

    LaV’s List
    Thursday’s Top Picks of the current Top2500,
    116 Batters picked overall
    Batter, Times Picked, Percentage
    Michael Young 242 9.78 (5TH)
    Adrian Gonzalez 229 9.25 (3RD)(5TH)
    Matt Holliday 214 8.65
    Miguel Cabrera 124 5.01 (2ND)
    Josh Hamilton 114 4.61 GOOD
    Evan Longoria 98 3.96
    Alexi Casilla 81 3.27 DL
    Jacoby Ellsbury 77 3.11
    Dustin Pedroia 76 3.07
    Adam Jones 65 2.63
    Melky Cabrera 54 2.18
    Nick Punto 39 1.58 (3RD) DL
    Starlin Castro 38 1.54 (5TH)
    No Selection 35 1.41
    Carl Crawford 10 0.40 (1RST)

    Highest “No Selection” 😛 pg# 11 with streak of 16 back to zero.
    Yesterday’s Top2500 Reset rate was 12.37% with MELKY reseting the most.
    There was also 13.83% PPD due to players not playing, These streakers do not reset, but did not increase either,
    7.19% —> 178 picks of these were intentional DL/inj picks.

    Got Pinched OR 1/2 AB Wonders
    TOP2500 saved or reset by PHA (going to include any pinch hitters and/or double switch, 2 AB or Less)
    J Jay STL, RESET 2, WERE 12,11 GAMERS
    R Johnson CHC, RESET 1, WAS 11 GAMER

    Bloggers Group Top2500
    UserName, Streak, Page#, Rank, Pick, (Times picked in top2500)
    gpearson17, 17, pg 6, 104, MIKE YOUNG (PICKED 242X)
    box86rowh, 16, pg 9, 196, A-GONE (PICKED 229X)
    jonhilliard, 16, pg 10, 196, MELKY (PICKED 54X)
    trixiewright, 12, pg 36, 819, BUTLER (PICKED 17X)

    Bloggers Reset Yesterday
    GL to all


  2. gpearson17

    Young gets me to 18! Now I can focus on my wife in labor (true story — we’re at the hospital right now!).

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