Beat the Streak Report: Tuesday, Aug. 11



Today’s recommended picks

Jason Kubel, OF, Twins
.455 AVG (5-for-11) lifetime vs. Royals starter Kyle Davies

Hanley Ramirez, SS, Marlins
.421 AVG (8-for-19) lifetime vs. Astros starter Roy Oswalt

Orlando Cabrera, SS, Twins
.369 AVG (31-for-84) during 19-G hitting streak

BTS all-time leader: Michael Karatzia, 49
MLB all-time leader: Joe DiMaggio, 56

Yesterday’s results

Thanks to a 1-for-4 effort from Ichiro Suzuki, eggman3131 pushed his BTS-leading streak to 40 games yesterday.

eggman3131 is the 22nd player to reach that plateau in the game’s history, and the third in 2009. By correctly picking a player to get a hit in each of the next six days, he’ll bypass Tanner Nielsen for the high mark this season.

But the leader’s ascent to the top of the charts hasn’t caused the rest of the field to give up. hammanm extended his own impressive streak to 35 games with a 2-for-5 performance from Jacoby Ellsbury, while samolina55 and Sun_Tenshi also went with Ichiro to extend their respective streaks to 34 and 32 games. sagtraf2 held onto fifth place, at 31 games, following a 1-for-4 showing from Nick Markakis.


Yesterday’s Top 5 most selected players

1. Ichiro Suzuki (SEA): 23.9%, 1-for-4
2. Miguel Cabrera (DET): 6.1%, 0-for-2
3. Hanley Ramirez (FLA): 5.5%, 2-for-5
4. Albert Pujols (STL): 5.3%, 1-for-3
5. Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS): 4.4%, 2-for-5



    Check Floyd’s Stats since all star break. Lefties cannot touch him. Ichiro stuck out twice yesterday. Ichiro is merely a good hittter at night games. His stats are skewed because he is a mad man during day. Yesterday’s Ichiro pickers really lucked out.

  2. titantron

    Yes, lucked out. Despite the fact that Ichiro is the most reliable hitter in the league, is batting about .340 against righties and about .363 in the last 30 days, and has also dominated Gavin Floyd in the past. Really lucky.

  3. titantron

    Oh, and there’s also the fact that he’s hit over .400 at home and just came off of a 23 game home hitting streak.

  4. vinny1979

    Ichiro is a great pick during the day but at night it’s a different story. I go deeper than that though and there is a pick for today that is going to be a great pick. I’m at 7 with this name but I need to keep this going. Cabrera’s hitting streak is going to end tonight or in the next few days.

  5. dragbunt104

    Dragbunt’s Great Experiment – Day #2
    As a critic of the “Kings at the Plate” daily advice, I’ve decided that if you can’t beat them you should join them!”

    I’ve got a two game streak going now. My pick of the day will come from the “Kings at the Plate” players only. I’m going with Orlando Cabrera for Tuesday 8/11.
    Reasoning: Jason Kubel may not play and could pinch hit as he did on Sunday. Hanley Ramirez faces Ray Oswalt, a tough pitcher. Orlando Cabrera is on a hot streak, game is in Minnesota, he bats second and Davies, the Royals pitcher, should get ?rocked? by the hard hitting Twins line up.
    Monday Results: All 3 ?Kings at the Plate? players got hits. I had Ichirio.

  6. vinny1979

    If I was you I would pick Hanley for one reason. Oswalt is just coming back and Hanley hits him well and he also hits righthanders well so that would be my pick but I won’t make you change if you don’t want to.


    how many in a row do you need before it will actually show your rank on the leaderboard (not 10000+). I’m at 13 and it still says 10000+.

  8. entel

    As I opined last week when the leader picked Jeter against Halladay and went down, I don’t know why you would want to go against a pitcher whose stuff can (on any given day) be as good as anyone. In 3 of his last 5 starts before his last game (where he lasted 1 and 2/3 innings before injury) he allowed 4 hits in a complete game win, 3 hits in 8 innings, and a complete game 2-hitter. Why would you want to risk a 40-game streak to go up against a guy like that? Even with Ramirez’ good lifetime numbers against Oswalt, it seems to be like quite a risk. We shall see…


    @titantron, check Ichiro’s #s for day and night games whether at home or away. At night time, he is just a good hitter. You’re looking at combined stats. Its really night and day.

    Hanley is a lazy man’s pick for the day. He is the King at the Plate and he hits Oswalt well.

    I think there is a decent chance that he won’t hit tonight. That is most you gonna get with Ramirez though as he is been hitting very well.

    Since all star break, he is hitting .257 at home and .297 at night. Not the best box to be in. Also, Oswalt has been pitching very well lately, especially to righties.

    But you got to take a chance. There is no perfect fit.

  10. dragbunt104

    Guys – Thanks for all the opinions on my pick today. They are all appreciated. Hanley Ramirez and Orlando Cabrera both have hits tonight. The Twins game is indoors so it won’t be rained out! My “Kings at the Plate” streak is now at 3!
    I noticed that no one gave a thumbs up to Jason Kubel.

    entel – Your thinking is exactly the same as mine on this great pitcher Oswalt v. hot hitter Ramirez choice.

  11. vinny1979

    I’m glad I switched tonight. I first had Miguel Cabrera but noticed his numbers in Fenway so switched to Mauer and my streak is now at 8.

  12. dragbunt104

    Vinny – I agree Miguel Cabrera has too may o – ofer games in my humble opinion to be picked on a regular basis.

    How about that Kevin Youkilis – get hit by a pitch and charges the mound in the 1st inning. Gets tossed from the game and the HBP does not count as an offical at bat. He goes 0 -0. The baseball gods are on the side of all those who picked Youkilis today.
    Vinny – Take a hard look ar Ichirio on Wed vs. Mark Buehrle.
    Buehrle has been terrible in his 3 starts since the perfect game. Game in in Seattle, Ichirio hits Buehrle well, Lefty batter v. Righty pitcher too.

  13. vinny1979

    I’m staying away from Ichiro for a few days dragbunt. I agree but I have somebody who destroys lefties for tomorrow.

  14. vinny1979

    I meant to say to dragbunt that I agree about Buehrle. He has been getting killed but I’m staying away from Ichiro for a few days since he killed me on Saturday.

  15. darwri

    Just commenting on Ichiro day vs night… I agree this year he is hitting alot better during the day.. but over his career its meant nothing… hes basically batting the exact same.. I took Jeter today vs Ricky Romero… was looking at Brian Roberts and Ichiro vs Buerhle.. but i trust Jeter is the best of the 3… hes been hitting as good as it gets the past 7 days.. unfortuantely he just got hit by a pitch in the 1st vs the Jays..

  16. backrubs

    well im not a happy camper right now.
    i was logging on to make a change of pick yesterday when my power went out and it didnt come back on for 90 minutes, AFTER the 7pm eastern games had started.
    Damn tree trimming company was cutting some limbs off a tree and one of the limbs found the power line.

    i was going to pick matt holliday, too

  17. dragbunt104

    Dragbunt’s Great Experiment – Day #3

    As a critic of the “Kings at the Plate” daily advice, I’ve decided that if you can’t beat them you should join them!”
    I’ve got a three game streak going now. My pick of the day will come from the “Kings at the Plate” players only. I’m going with Cristian Guzman.


    Orlando Cabrera is 4 ? 14 v. Brian Bannister, not so good.

    Ichirio ? Tough to go against Ichirio. Mark Buehrle, a lefty, has struggled in his last 3 starts but my last streak ended when I picked Ichirio vs. a lefty. So I?m going to pass on Ichirio today.

    Cristian Guzman ? A switch hitter who has been hot lately. Derek Lowe is a solid pitcher but does give up a lot of hits. Will Guzman play? I?ve got my fingers crossed.
    Guzman was put on waivers a few days ago(?) What was that about?

    Tuesday?s Results: All 3 ?Kings at the Plate? players got hits. I had Orlando Cabrera(1-4).
    Kings at the Plate choices are now 6 for 6 in the two days of my experiment.

    Good Luck to all today!

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