Beat the Streak Report: April 5

By a show of hands, how many of you Streakers out there play the fantasy baseball?

Oh, every single one of  you? NERDS! Nice propeller hats, so functional!

Just kidding — the BTS Report is a friend to the fantasy gamer (and a best friend forever to the Fantasy Baseball 2011 gamer).

Anyway, word on the street is that Hanley Ramirez and Albert “0-for-4ever” Pujols are once again the the top two fantasy picks this season.

Is that why almost 10 percent of you vigilantly select Phlat Albert in this here BTS game day after day? Because that man is ice cold right now.  He’s 2-for-16 on the season and 0-fer his last two games. According to my fancy saber-toothed metrics, those numbers are not good.

For today, and possibly today only, the BTS Report recommends Hanley Ramirez’s five-category, position-scarce, 30/30 fantasy goodness as the first pick in your one-man draft.

Either that, or just go with Tex again. That dude is cash Monet right now.

Tuesday’s picks

(Make a BTS pick)


Oh, hello there …

Hanley Ramirez: .471 AVG (8-for-17) lifetime vs. Nationals starter Jason Marquis

Alexei Ramirez: .462 AVG (6-for-13) lifetime vs. Royals starter Luke Hochevar

Howard Kendrick: .625 AVG (5-for-8) lifetime vs. Rays starter Jeff Niemann

Andre Ethier: .500 AVG (5-for-10) lifetime vs. Rockies starter Jhoulys Chacin


Feeling kinda spicy?

Alexi Casilla: .692 AVG (9-for-13) lifetime vs. Yankees starter CC Sabathia

Nyjer Morgan: .536 AVG (15-for-28) lifetime vs. Braves starter Derek Lowe

BTS Report Bylaw No. 143.22(b) Paragraph 3 states: “Any reference to player Morgan, Nyjer must be acccompanied by link to the video clip. You know which one we’re talkin’ about.”

Compliance. We don’t make the rules around here, we just follow ’em …


You’ll thank me later …

Alex Rios: .071 AVG (1-for-14) lifetime vs. Royals starter Luke Hochevar

Jayson Werth: .105 AVG (2-for-19) lifetime vs. Marlins starter Anibal Sanchez

Justin Morneau: .188 AVG (6-for-32) lifetime vs. Yankees starter CC Sabathia

Troy Tulowitzki: .185 AVG (5-for-27) lifetime vs. Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw


Leaderboard time!

Official BTS Report streak is now at four games. The self-promotion will continue until your streaks improve.


Top MLB streakers

• Matt Kemp: 4 games

• Howard Kendrick: 4 games

• Buster Posey: 4 games

• Freddy Sanchez: 4 games


  1. yanksgiantsdevils33

    I’m taking Andre Ethier to get to 6.
    Highest no selections at 5 as early as the 2nd page back to 0.

  2. LaVolpe

    The last page of the Top2500 shows usernames starting with lower case “w”. Indication, another 2-3 days and we’ll see a difference in streaks from page 1 to page 100; separation begins. GL Yanks, I’ve got him also but I’m trying to get to 1 😉

  3. baseballgirlie13

    I went with Castro again today after he reset me yesterday and he got a double so I am back on the board! Hopefully Hafner and Ethier get hits for you guys today as well. Thinking of going with Mauer tomorrow as he hits Freddy really well. Looking at a couple others as well.

  4. baseballgirlie13

    Wow, if you look at the leader board right now, everyone on the first page took a Cub and just about every Cub got a hit today! I wonder if a lot of people just picked a Cub because they didn’t want to wait for a night game. Anyway, congrats 00liber on getting your hit today!

  5. LaVolpe

    Maybe not wanting to wait is one reason, another can be that the lineups are always posted for the first games of the day and no guessing whether someone has an early day off or not? One can keep that strategy for awhile, but it limits ones choices, no?

  6. champion_88

    Actually, the real reason is that that was the only day game and those results have already updated on the site.

    As you should notice, all those streaks are already at 6 games.

  7. LaVolpe

    I see Dave place Alexi Casilla as one of hs “Spicy” picks. I also see he was picked almost 3% by the field. Though good numbers vs Sabathia, Sabathia is pitching at home and Alexi is 9th batter. Talk about a relatively big gamble IMO. I wonder if Alexi will even get 4 ABs? No guts, no glory I guess. I admit, I’m gutless 8(

  8. baseballgirlie13

    Congrats champ88- glad to see he got a hit for you. Also, I didn’t think about how the game updates as it goes so of course it seems like everyone picked Cubs. Looking at the results page, not a single Cub was on there for the top 15 picked. Makes sense now.

  9. LaVolpe

    Speaking of the results page…. Look at all those 0-fers as of right now; many games nearing last AB mode too.

  10. LaVolpe

    And a tad bit of excitement I must say. Hanley, #1 pick tonight, guaranteed another AB only if FLA doesn’t win here in the bottom of 9th, tied at 2-2, 1 out. Lots of streakers hoping the fish don’t score right now!

  11. LaVolpe

    Enough twists and turns just like a good who-done-it novel! Hanley due up 2nd. Omar Infante leads off and gets on by an error. No outs & 1 on. Gotta pitch to Hanley now, right? 1st pitch is wild & Omar moves to 2nd; now 1st base is open. What comes next? You guessed it Intentional Walk. 1st & 2nd no outs, bottom of 10th, and if fish score, Hanley goes 0-fer. I’d say after tonight, the Top2500 will no longer consist of perfect 6-gamers.

  12. baseballgirlie13

    That sucks for all who picked Hanley. Unfortunately that is always a possibility when you pick a “star” player. I am at 1 and going with Mauer tomorrow even though he is not off to a great start. He is hitting 10 for 22 against (.455) against Freddy so here’s hoping. GL tomorrow.

  13. LaVolpe

    If a day like this happened in Jun/July, we’d have a slaughter. Too many to list, but some notable 0-fers tonight….
    A-Ram, K.Johnson, F.Sanchez, A.Huff, Manny, Ellsbury, Crawford, A.Gonzalez, Youkilis, Ortiz, Choo, Morneau, Cano, Victorino, Howard, C.Lee, Infante, Hanley, Ichiro, Beltre, N.Cruz, Prado, Chipper, McCann, Weeks, Fielder, Furcal, Kemp, C.Gonzalez.

  14. baseballgirlie13

    I agree, congrats yanksgiantsdevils33! GL tomorrow as well. I like seeing bloggers members do well!

  15. yanksgiantsdevils33

    A BIG Thanks to LaVolpe and baseballgirlie13 on congratulating me on being 6 for 6 in the bloggers group. I did not realize until your posts that I’m the only one. As for the top 2500, I discovered that 1110 are at 6 which is less then half. On page 45 the first 10 are at 6 and the rest are at 5. The 5s continue through the end of page 100 and the old fashioned way of finding out how many are at 6 is going to the last page and seeing 1111 next to all the 5s.
    I did see what happened with Hanley Ramirez, leave it to the Nats to let the previous guy (Infante) reach 2nd on an error and wild pitch combo. My brother roots for the Nats and they are depressing to watch.
    I’m going with Ryan Zimmerman to get to 7. Good luck LaVolpe, baseballgirlie13 I will be rooting very hard for both of you throughout the season. I want to extend my good luck wishes and support to the rest of the bloggers as well.

  16. 00liber

    Good on ya, yanks. Keep up the good picking, I would love to see one of the bloggers win this.

    I’m looking at Miggy for tomorrow but I don’t know yet. Would love to take one of my Rangers but king Felix scares me.

  17. LaVolpe

    @Yanks: A bit of luck is on your side. If I recall, one of your picks got only hit in extra innings? And even last night with Ethier, though he got a hit on his first AB, it was the only AB that he put the ball into play. He walked twice and struck out in his only other ABs. Good streaks need some luck. The only question for you right now may be how long before a break in the luck?

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